Maddie is a sweet Pittie despite her life of abuse and neglect.  She came to us a few months ago through Last Hope Animal Rescue. She had difficulty walking and suffered from demodex mange, along many dental issues including teeth worn down past the gum line. A condition most likely due to gnawing on a cage or kennel to escape where she was being kept.

X-rays from her initial medical exam showed pellets embedded in two different locations of her body and she suffered from a poorly healed fracture in her leg. The leg will require surgery to re-align her knee with her hip.  A ruptured cruciate ligament will also need to be repaired. She is scheduled for a CT scan in November before surgery will be performed.

Maddie has already undergone treatment for her skin issues and has had surgery at UW Madison Vet Teaching Hospital for her massive dental issues.

Please donate to Maddie and help us provide her with the surgery she so desperately needs to live a normal and pain free life.


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