Our Mission

Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids exists to provide and guide lifesaving advanced medical care for homeless or stray animals. We offer this service to shelters and rescues in the area to reduce euthanasia numbers and restore broken lives.

Our Medical and Surgical Interventions Include:

Complex surgical fracture repairs for traumatic injuries, joint replacements, open heart surgery, endoscopic procedures, brachycephalic syndrome corrections, cancer surgery & treatments, dental procedures and entropion surgery. Diagnostic procedures include biopsies, CT scans, ultrasounds, neurological consults, muscle-nerve biopsies and echocardiograms just to name a few.

Lifesaving treatments are performed for heartworm and parvovirus. Maintenance care is provided for a wide variety of lifelong medical conditions that include cushing’s disease, diabetes, congestive heart failure, seizure management and ophthalmological issues. Conditions such as demodectic mange, parasites, infections, skin allergies, viral and bacterial diseases often have to be treated before more advanced conditions can be addressed.

Medical help for homeless petsHomeless pets are brought to us in serious condition from being neglected or abused. Animals in these circumstances drain resources from budget-conscious shelters and rescues. They would also be the first to be euthanized due to financial restrictions. This is where Critter Crusaders steps in to help. Through the life and limb-saving medical and surgical interventions we provide, our goal is to restore health and adoptability to the homeless animal population. Through the process of diagnosis and treatment, we work side by side with our veterinary partners to deliver the most comprehensive medical and surgical options available. These are the pets that have suffered the most and deserve a chance to be healthy and loved.

 We are committed to meeting the medical and surgical needs of the animal patients in our system of care. Life is not always kind. Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids exists to give animals a second chance to live a happy and healthy life. This is our passion.

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