image001Become A Critter Crusaders Volunteer!

There’s nothing more rewarding than giving a homeless, sick or injured animal a second chance at life! You can make a difference by becoming a Critter Crusaders volunteer. The most important skills you’ll need are love and respect for animals.

Being a Critter Crusaders volunteer can be fun and rewarding. The time you spend as a volunteer matters. Whether you sell tickets to one of our fundraising events, or transport an animal to a veterinary visit.


Fundraising is our primary function. Continually raising money is the only way we can accomplish our mission of providing lifesaving image003medical care for the homeless animals in our area. We’re looking for volunteers to work as a team to help coordinate, plan and staff fundraising events. Help is also needed to work at events and  solicit auction items from businesses and individuals.

Social Media / Marketing & Advertising / Writing

The use of social media, marketing and advertising is crucial to our fund raising efforts. We’re looking for individuals who have a working knowledge of any or all of these to keep our followers informed. If you love to blog, tweet or network on Facebook, we could use your skills!


We often need help transporting animals to vet appointments for exams and surgery. If you’re available during regular business hours, or on Saturday mornings, we can use your help!


Other Ways

Fostering – The interaction we have with our local partner shelters and rescues often provides us with other ways to assist the animals. Working through these organizations our volunteers are able to foster animals during their medical treatments, or help at an adoption event.

image009Education – We are often invited to speak at events to educate the public on what we do. If you enjoy public speaking we need your talent!

Volunteer- If you would like to became a Critter Crusaders’ volunteer please complete an application!

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