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In Honor of Maria’s Embroidery

~Valentina Caro
~Katie Kothe

In Honor of Coco

~Jean Fiala

In memory of Lucy
~Sandra Dighton

In Honor of Charlie McMaier
Sweet old Beagle man Charlie McMaier. You lived a long and loved life with your daddy’s and all of your fans! You will ALWAYS be remembered.
~Traci Weber

In Memory of Tom Bombadil
~Martha Scheer
To our beloved companion! Martha

In Honor of Rob Hursch

~Martha Scheer

Thank you for all you do! Martha, Mark, Aggie and Jiji

In Honor of Squish

~Eric Hagen

In Honor of Jane Corey
~Kathy Lenahan

In Memory of Sharon Mom Bauer

~Krista Rogahn

In Honor of Cesar

~Karen Randlev
~Tammy O’Brine
~Tim and Laura Sagers

~Lynne McDole

~Tiffany O’Donnell
~Jace Hepker

In Honor of Michael and Kierstyn Triggs

…To celebrate their marriage
~Lisa and Craig Hammond

In Memory of Linda Airy

July 4, 1949 – March 27, 2022

~Tara Shelby

Many thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time and sadness. Your mother was a kind and generous person with a great smile. She will be missed.
~Mindy  McCreight
~Colleen Digmann
~David P & Linda M Lucas
~Michael G & Diane L Espenes

Sending prayers and loving thoughts to friends and family of Linda Airy. You are in our hearts.
Love, K+J

~Kristine Kim
~ John N & Brevity Airy

In Honor of Gojo

Gojo is such a sweet, awesome dog. He has a very special place in my heart now. While it didn’t workout for me to foster him, I really grew fond of him in the few days he was here. I hope the treatmentworks, that he gets strong and healthy, and that he finds a wonderful, loving furever home.

~Becky Bethke

April 17, 1934 –               March 5, 2022

~Jim Miller

~Kathleen Mullin

~Kenneth J Stejskal

~Cynde Shepard

~Linda Neighbor

~Barbara A Bloomhall

~Kathy A. Healy

~Frank & Bonnie Varvaris Family

 ~Dale & Sara Ann  
~ Amy Godwin & Jeffrey K Pick
~ Kate White Graham
~ Pam S Mahany
~ Catherine Basile
~ Marshall H Godwin
~ Scott S & Julie G Gasway

In Memory of Clover

~Lisa Maske

In memory of our sweet Maddie who was loved beyond measure.

~Lori Flaherty

In Memory of my precious Beagle Ditto

~Kathy Davis

In memory of my sweet Miss Molly.

~Pam Gibney

In Memory of Smokey Keller

We are so sorry for your loss of little Smokey. Our thoughts and sympathy are with you.

~Tammy Schwartz   02/24/2022

In Honor of Lenyn

~Krystina Moore

In Honor of Rucka (Luca) the German Shepherd

I’m close friends with Greti North, who is fostering Rucka (she named him Luca). Luca is so lucky to have Greti taking wonderful care of him, she loves him so much! Bless all of you who are taking care of Luca and all the rescue animals at Critter Crusaders!

~Teresa Celsi

In Memory of ND

~Anne Deguc

In Honor of Maria’s embroidery

~Jeydith Guiterrez

~Magdalena Caro

In Honor of Dave and Clara

~Kristine Nelson

In honor of Mr. B

~Mike Riley and Maria Bertorello

~Julie Houston

~Maria Bertorello

(Natasa & Maria -Quilted/Embroidery items)

“In Honor of a friend who recently lost her beloved friend,Walter, a rescue who added much love to her life.”

~Jack E & Patridia A Lowe

In Honor of Doug Fuller

~D Dreckman 1/19/2022

In honor of Hobbes and Jazzy

~Jessica Dawn Mullenix 01/18/2022

In memory of our beloved Lu

~Anne Wilson 1/17/2022

In Memory of Cowboy

~Denise Zmolek 01/17/2022

In Honor of Ben and Lora Summerwill
~ Ben Summerwill

In Memory of Melvina Slemp
~ Marge Stansberry
~ Jan & Nola Schroeder

In Honor of Traci Weber

Happy birthday, Traci! We love you.
~Ann & Mike 01/10/2022

FBO. Traci Taylor Weber

~Shelly Sutton

On behalf of Annalisa Morgan

~Nancy Morgan 01/9/2022