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In honor of Catherine McMillan, DMV
Recognizing her compassionate care of animals.

In honor of Maggie

A beloved and adorable companion who benefited from Critter Crusaders care

In memory of JoEllen Rehder…Departed on May 15, 2024

In honor of Mack

~Jean Fiala

In memory of David Morse
~Michelle Jackson


In memory of Shelby Foley
June 5, 1942 – April 1, 2024
~Robert G. McFarland
~Denise A. Klemp
~K9COLA for Off-Leash Areas
~Karla McGrail

Helene Elisabeth Van Dee

In memory of Helen Van Dee
May 23, 1931 – January 7, 2024
 ~Cynthia H. Castelletti  

In memory of Jasmine
A very special companion to Diane McNabb

In memory of Biscuit

~Sarah Remerowski

In honor of Clover

~Doug Fuller

In honor of Rusty

~Denise Zmolek

In memory of Tasha

I am sorry for your loss

~Sarah Remerowski

Rena Rae Marconi
In Memory of Rena Marconi
August 4, 1950-March 14, 2024
~The Linda Callison family, including Liz, Deb, and Sue
~Uncle John and Aunt Betsy
~Karl C. & Anita L. Reitter

Leo L. Stancel
In memory of Leo Stancel
July 5, 1935 – February 23, 2024
In memory of a friendly neighbor who was very kind and willing to help.
~Debbie Ellwood
~East Central Iowa Two Cylinder Club
~Hills Bank & Trust Company
~IBEW Local 1362
~Jean A. Stancel
~Richard & Julie Palmer
~Lesta or Bill Kulhavy

Larry L. Scheib
September 1, 2023

In memory of Larry Scheib

~Dee Ann Scheib

In Honor of Tommi Karma

In honor of my very animal loving friend’s birthday
~Jess Copley

In Memory of Lynn Tronvold

~The Give Lively Foundation, Inc.

Joanne Schwager Profile Photo

In memory of Joanne Schwager

April 3, 1945 — January 15, 2024

~In loving memory of Joanne Schwager. She was the ultimate pet lover and

 often preferred the company of pets over people! She will be greatly missed.

Stacy, Jason Wolf & Girls

Sheryl Ann Lowe
In memory of Sheryl Lowe
September 21, 1962 – January 17, 2024
~Cameron R Daffinrud
~Todd L Betzer

In honor of D Fuller

~Deborah Dreckman

In Honor of Jan Erceg

~Kathleen Janz

In honor of Jersey

I hope Jersey can recover and find a new home to be loved in. Thanks for trying to get Jersey mobile again!
~Betsy McGlynn

In memory of Emmie

~Pam Wells

In memory of Neal Augustine

Born on Jun 21, 1935…Departed on Dec 29, 2023

~John and Tina Franson

Carolyn Landergott

In memory of Carol Landergott

Born March 31,1936
Departed November 29, 2023
~Connie and Mike Stusak

In honor of Peg and BJ Hannon

~ Susan M Dasovich

In memory of Tucker….beloved Yorkie of Randy and Kristi Schmitt
~Sue and Mark Hartung

In memory of Eleanor Cromwell

Eleanor loved animals of all kinds. She had pets of her own and also fed the feral cats.

~Amy Pregon

In Memory of Oreo…our tuxedo kitty of 20 years
~Debra Wood

In memory of Pema Stern Herr

In memory of Gracie


In memory of Caroline Faye Ohrt Bertling
Born on Apr 9, 1943
Departed on Nov 22, 2023
~Paul and Dawn Risner
~Jody Rausch
~Ken and Cathy Burke
Caroline loved her dogs, and had a soft spot for dachshunds…
~Leo Bertling

In memory of Autumn Metz

~Blake Metz

In honor of Morris
~Zach Carter

In memory of Debra Tailor
~Joni Huebsch

In honor of Noel Carver
Noel is a very, very good friend to Maggie, who had surgery on her back leg thanks to Critter Crusaders. Noel is the best at giving her chest rubs, wrapping her in a blanket so she is cozy when she sleeps, and motivating her to stand up even when she would prefer to keep napping.
~Jennifer Hrabe

In memory of Libbi, Chaney, GB, Thatcher and BJ

~Karilyn Prottsman

In memory of Zoey

~Carol Gilbert

In memory of Coleen’s brother Pat
~Connie Wells

In memory of our two beloved beagles, Ruby & Mattie
~Deann Jones-Popeck and Charles Popeck

In honor of our son, Joshua Kuperman
~Samuel and Marjorie Kuperman

In memory of Missy Ann and in honor of her brother Bob

~Roberta Harris

~Robert L Harris

In memory of Fini Durin
~Bonnie V Varvaris Blair House

In memory of Elmer Tom Delaney Jr
~Susan Collins

In honor of Noel Carver
~Ruth A Carver Foundation

In honor of my sister and bro in law at Christmas

~Kim Wyman

In memory of Wrigley at the Farmer’s Daughter’s Market
~Jennifer Goodlove

In honor of Taylor Swift’s birthday

~Kimberly Legler

In memory of Boomer

~JoEllen Holtorf

In Honor of Lucky Vohoska Pets
~Denise Zmolek

In honor of Jan and Greg Erceg
~Fidelity Brokerage Services

In memory of Muffin
~John W and Tammy Y Lam

In memory of Austin…to support the medical expenses for Kitty Glitch
~Eric Hagen

In honor of Chaplin and Linder


In memory of Sue Thompson Reisetter
May 8, 1955 – November 26, 2023
Sue Thompson Reisetter
~Jill Jamieson
~Richard and Judith Gilbert
~Pamela J and Mark A Zimmerman
~Mark P and Susan S Hartung
~Karl G Kirkpatrick
~Calgary Baptist Church of Cedar Rapids Iowa
~In memory of our dear Sue. Critter Crusader volunteer and a gentle friend with the biggest heart for people and animals. We miss you, Sue. Please be there to greet all of our pets at that beautiful Rainbow Bridge.❤️🐾
~Jan Erceg
~In honor of our friend Sue. She was my lifelong friend whom is who connected me to you and Critter Crusaders years ago. Our love for her and animals is mutual. I will donate more when I am able after the first of the year.
Stephanie Howard
In loving memory…
~Michelle Wood

In memory of Lucky, Marley, Rocco, and Ceasar
~Susan Stone

In memory of Denali McCormick
~Erin McCormick

In memory of Sadie
~Deborah Guilford

In memory of Emma

In memory of Sally Rickey
1954 – 2022
She so loved her pets, and thought CC was a wonderful local organization with a far reaching impact.
~George Rickey

In honor of Lynn Snyder

~George McCrory

In memory of Nog & Pixie

~Rebecca Riesdesel

In memory of Chester
~Jane Corey

In Memory of Libby


In honor of Cassandra Gale Brown

1961 – 2020
~Linda F Brown

In honor of Cheryl McCauley


In honor of Ted Pence
~Colleen and Roland Zschiegner

In memory of Hunter

Hunter, a shelter dog, died one year ago today en route to Blue Pearl from complications of kennel cough. He is greatly missed.

In honor of Moose

Today marks the 3-year anniversary of Moose adopting me. This donation is to celebrate that,
and to thank Critter Crusaders for all you did to bring him back to health when he was in a very dark time of his life.
~Tim Bosserman

In honor of Willow Charnowski
Born on Mar 5, 2019
Departed on Sep 30, 2023
In loving memory of sweet Willow Diane-Christine Charnowski. Willow loved all animals and we hope her love continues to shine through each day.
~Washington High School

In honor of Kristy Ryan’s Birthday

~Michelle Allman

In memory of Shae

I’m so sorry to hear about Shae….my heart is breaking for you all.
~Suzi Stone
~Bea Ann Wade

In memory of Kiddo
~Janney Or/Ann M Kirkland

In memory of Lucy
…..for Emmy’s care
~Susan Hunter

In memory of Carol Bryant
Apr 29, 1944 – Aug 28, 2023
Carol was one of a kind! She was extraordinary – lover of all things Irish, family, and animals! She will be greatly missed💚
~Samantha Sherman

In memory of Jim Hamblin
July 28, 1949-July 8, 2023
~Paul and Jeri Clark
~Diann M. & William W. Weininger
~Dorthy & Lan Nowotny
~Hills Bank
~Ron and Sue Tonneson
~ Roxanne L or John B McCrane
~Karla and Kevin Hamdorf
~Deborah A Finley
~Judy Henderson
~Jennifer Schlee
~Jim’s Tune Up Service, LC
~Clara Taylor
~Cindy and Roger Galinas

In memory of a true animal advocate. Jim is in Heaven surrounded by the dogs he loved so much.

~Jan Erceg
~Sherry Sullivan
~Todd, Kasey, Brittany and Caleb Bell

~Kanellas Family

~Rosie Allinger

~Joel & Judy Eckman

~Pam Fehlhafer

~Deb McKernomi

~Mike Williams

~Cathie Beatty

~Steve & Marlene Spicher

~Don & Naomi Zeller

~Bob & Lil Kemmerer

~Stephanie Merrick Mitchell

~Pereboom Family

~Julie & Jim Kinkead

~Terry & Jill Routier

~Steve Patton Family

~Gayle & Val Lawson

~Michael Jamosky

~Linda Haney

~Jon Sweet

~Ken & Meg Washburn

~Lloyd & Mary Ann Trimpe

~Betty Schulte

~Robin & Kathy Hobbs

~Mike & Malinda Finlay

~Marti Eckhart & Family

~Milroy Familys

~Judy, Rob, & Kim Zier

~Pfeifer Family

~Larry & Judy Greco

~Dave Durchenwald

~Barb Merrick

~Steve, Kelly & Courtney Jones

~Sheri Springman

~Darla Hanson

~Jeff Ellwang

~Mike Darling

~Steve & Denise Meek

~Glen & Lynn Vosatka

~Becky Baker Perry

~Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Cloy

~Max Trimpe

~Rick & Christy Hamblin & Family

~ James D and Sharon L Hamblin

~ Kenneth D and Marjorie Washburn

~Marion Turkington POD

~Dennis A Turkington

~ Terry Trimpe

~ Teresa David

In memory of Tiny
Beloved dog of Tom Ritchie. There will never be another Tiny. A soft, floofy little fuzzball. Thinking of you, Tommy.❤🐾
~Jan Erceg

In honor of Strudel

~Kalynnda Rivermoon
In memory of Kristi McNully…for Strudel the kitten’s care
~Lauren Brunson
~Carolyn Bailey
~Janelle Schoonover

In honor of Shigu

~Anna Schuster

~Nicole Kohout

In Honor of Tommy

For Tommy the Cat from Lisbon
~Michael S & Susan F Lacy
~Laura Rudolph

In Honor of Jan Gatto Erceg

We are grateful for the compassionate work that Jan and CC do. Nothing else like this organization in Iowa. So many lives saved. So much awful suffering avoided.
~Kathleen Janz

In Memory of our Niece’s dog, Sidney Sue

~ Juan H Jr. and Linda M Trevino

In Memory of Oscar
~ Joseph J & Shari I Funk

Karen L. Darling

In Memory of Karen Darling
May 27, 1940-June12, 2023
~ Laurel K Goettsch
~ Marion I and POD Dennis A Turkington

Dorothy “Dottie” Lynn Kresnicka

In Memory of Dottie Kresnicka

May 19, 2023


In memory of Chumley

~Kathy S Barry

In honor of Dale Richards

~Stacy Johnson

In memory of Patti and John Thacker

~Daniel and Gerda Thacker

In Honor of Velma

….from a Purposeful Life
~Cindi Gagliardi

In Honor of Sprite
~Kelsea Hill

In honor of Molly Donahue’s birthday, May 30th.

~Happy Birthday, Molly!
Sarah Remerowski

In honor of Judy and Maria embroidery
~Maria Bertorello

In honor of Bee

~Molly Betts

In memory of Maggie
~Connie Canfield

In memory of Doug Trachta
~Sharon Hamblin

In honor of Brick
Happy Birthday Brick!
~Denise Zmolek

In memory of Lucky, Marley, Rocco and Ceasar

~Susan Stone

In Memory of Chuck Mincks
~Lori Kendrick
~Beth Kloster

Marilyn Louise Kester

In memory of Marilyn Kester

May 21, 1944-May 6, 2023

~Tracy Dede
~Creighton Smith
~Charlotte L Zeman
~Martin J and Sheila M Ralston
~Scott Yeater
~Diane Thompson 

In Honor of Geno

Thank you for giving this sweet boy the care he needs!
~Courtney Cochran
~Sally Leib

In memory of Stu
He was a wonderful cat and had a beautiful fluffy tail. He was so proud of it, that he always held up!
~Helene Petty

In honor of Bobbie Breja’s Birthday Fundraiser

~Barbara K Chambers

In Honor of Peach

~Ben Saunders

In Memory of Shelby Giorgio
~Rest in Peace, Sweet Shelby! She was so lucky to have you as her family and you were so blessed to have her licks and tail wags. Dogs are just the Best….Thinking of you and sending Much Love to all of you…Nikki, Annie & Heather

In Honor of Chantiell Sagner

Thank you for all that you do!

~Tasha Peterson

In Memory of Sharon/Mom
~Krista Rogahn

In Honor of Poppy…the love of our life

Poppy is a wonderful Norfolk Terrier who is loving, demanding, full of energy. We wouldn’t have her any other way.
~Everett and Krista Krug

In memory of Charlie
~Chris Sondag

In Memory of Smokey

~Roger and Susan Keller

In Memory of Roxie and Dakota

~Trish Nemitz

In Honor of Shae

~Adrienne Meyer
~Randi Caron…In Memory of Luna
~Laurie Bunn
~Jill Yount
~Jeff Nagle
To Shae from Ashland, Prayers and love to out in FL
Praying for good results
~Sherri Chalupa and Ashland
~Katie Redington
~Kelli Parker
~Stephanie Cummins
Get well soon Angel Baby
~Ashley Abodeely
~Anne Fairchild

In Memory of Otto

~Barb Hackworth

In Honor of Scruffy

~Molly Cormaney
~Gail Lehr
For the love of Scruffy
~Gwen Bramlet-Hecker
~Tracey Toenjes
~Jason Koontz
~Jim O’Loughlin
~Julie Husband
~Kim Groninga
~Sharon Britzman
~David Hatcher
~Becky Myers

In Honor of Kim Groninga
To help with Scruffy’s heart work treatment
~Jason Koontz

In Memory of Doug Fuller

~D. Dreckman

In Honor of  Jimmy from Whiskers TNR of Warren County

~Jamie Rice

In Honor of Amy Brown

March 6,1961-January3, 2023

~Terri Radig

~Jeremy Brown

In Memory of Greta
In memory and with love. She will always be her mommy’s baby girl.❤🐾
~Jan Erceg
In memory of Kim Rehn’s sweet little Greta
~Michelle Wood

In Honor/Memory of DeAnn Brannaman

December 24,1946 – August 8, 2022

Thank you DeAnn for introducing me to Critter Crusaders and their mission so many years ago. You hooked me from the moment you entered my shop and life. May you RIP for all of eternity.

~Traci Weber

~Noel L. Wells & Connie L. Wells

~ Renaissance Charitable Foundation – Hoefer Charitable Fund

~ Frey Pet Hospital – Ryan Steen

~Friends Helping Friends Foundation

For her love of animals.

~Cynde Shepard

In memory of DeAnn. Such an amazing lady with a heart of gold who loved animals so much. You will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace, DeAnn.

~Judith Stomp

~ Richard Gerdeman

~ Charlene Steinbrecher

~ Nancy Davis

DeAnn was a great soul
~Janet Kabourek

~Fred Steinbrecher

~Keith Craig

What a loss. DeAnn was a loving, wonderful, and compassionate person. She will be missed.

~Michael J. and Kathy M. Couser

It was such a pleasure working with DeAnn
~ Pamalie W. Reynolds
~ Gretchen C. Pope
The animal welfare community will feel DeAnn’s loss for year to come.
~Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control
~Kathy Janz and Nancy Reincke (Biscuit)
~Kathy Buenzow
~George Rickey
~Daniel Park and  BMO TF ~Collections/Litigation/Bankruptcy/Recovery teams.
My dearest friend, my partner at Critter Crusaders and my inspiration. I will love you for eternity, DeAnn. Your loss is profound but your life was epic. Please wait for me on that beautiful bridge.❤
~Jan Erceg
Your kindness and compassion live on in all lives you touched!
~Paula Stroud
~Cheryl Thompson

Kimberly Weber

In Memory of Kim Weber

October 23, 1977-October 17, 2019
~Sandy Beier

In Memory of Kathryn Brann
Sept. 21, 1929-June 19, 2022
Kathryn W. Brann
~Cheryl Smith
~Tana Turnbaugh

In Memory of ‘Florence’
~Mary Woods

In Honor of Sus 

~Christine Nelson

In Honor of Gus, Jake, Lizzi & Sammy.

In celebration of Carolyn Taylor’s birthday and hostess Traci Weber.
~Joann Bogguss

In Memory of Patricia A. Parker

September 3, 1948 – September 27, 2022
~Donald Parker

In Memory of Nancy Ratcliff

November 2, 2022
~Jenni Gibbs
~Jenni Park
~Reta J Westecamp

In Memory of William Boots
~ Avis L Serovy

In Memory of sweet Callie
…who would be 14 on Oct. 28th
~ Cheryl Derks

In Memory of Maggie, Shadow & Angel

~Michele Cooper

In Memory of Jo Scheer

 Thank you, Cyd, for sharing your mom.

~Denise Krejci

In Honor of Ashland

~Jon Quass
~Deborah Shellady
~Jayne Hildebrand
~Sam Scheer
~Laurie Bunn
~Robert Hunt
Get well soon Ashland.
~From Homer & Toby.
~Shihomi Engelby
~Polly Boland
~Lisa Kerr Waldon
~Steven Rhodes
~ Tim A or Jodee L Downs
~ IA-Research / Peggy Stover
~ Joseph W & Barbara J Minear
~ Eunice M Stanley
~ Rolf A and Clarice A Christophersen
~ Timothy D and Faye A Chadwick
To Ashland from Corabell
~Sherri Chalupa
~Diana Washburn
~ Raymond M. & Pauline D. Neff
~Kathryn Osmann
~Connie Jordan
To Ashland from Sherri and Derrick. We are honored to be your foster parents.
~Sherri Chalupa
Sending prayers to Ashland for a full recovery and loving future family.
~Marta Weber
~Ramsey Subaru

In Memory of Ivy, Opie, Patsy, Micah, Jack, Cooper, and Karl

~Connie Floerchinger

In Memory of Missy Ann Harris

~Roberta Harris

In Honor of Maria’s Embroidery

She makes handmade crafts to give back to the animals
~Val Caro

In Memory of Baloo Wyrick
Baloo was 15 years old, and a very special pet, 
of Mike Wyrick
~Stacy Boston

In Memory of Geraldine Vrbicek
October4, 1930-September18, 2022
~Julie and Mark Meyer
~Bob and Cindy Hicks
~Carole Butz
~Michael and Selena Wilken
~Timothy Wayne Van Deest
~Brian E Power
~ Marilyn Duning Kristin S Duning

In Honor of Harry
A special guy
~Denise Zmolek

In Honor of Lilly
~Denise Zmolek

In Memory of Charlie (To help with sweet little Sally’s care. 💔)

~Donelle Young

In Honor of Sally

Fight sweet girl!
~Jessica Johnson
~Julie Schendel
Give Sally extra pets for me
~Amy Curtis
~Christine Nelson
~Viktorja Heires

In Memory of Corabell
This donation is in memory of Corabell who brightened my life for such a short time. Please put it toward a patient of your choice. God Bless you and all you do.
~Sherri Chalupa

In Memory of Belle and Sage

~Matthew Kunkle

In Memory of Missy Ann(adopted dog)
Went to heaven Saturday, Aug. 27, 2022
Loved so much!
~Robert L. Harris

 In Memory of Gordon Hoover
~Diann and Bill Weininger 

In Memory of Cassandra Gale Brown

~Linda Brown

In Honor of Susan Morrison
This is in honor of her birthday 🙂
~Abby Rippe

In Memory of Teress Stephens
~Linda and A Ang Walderback

In Memory of Beau McCallum….for Lori Mosbah McCallum

Beau you are so loved and you will be missed ❤
~Julie Schultz

In Honor of Haven…

In honor of the kitten that Jan and Nikki & I tried to save
~Angie Jones

In Honor of Beaumont
~Denise Zmolek

In appreciation of Dr. Sue Delaney
 A very caring Veterinarian!❤️
~B. A. Young

In Memory of Edward M Fults

My dad loved animals and dogs and was a devoted pet owner.
~Christine Fults

In Honor of
Carolyn Cain
Happy Retirement, Carolyn! 
Here’s to hoping you can devote more time to the causes you love.
~Andrea Ewers

In Memory of Jack

~Donelle Young

 In Memory of Ralph Neiderhiser 
~ Sally Seltrecht

In Memory of Sammy
~Jane Phillips

In Honor of Mokie

~Julie Nielsen
~Pat Allard

In Honor of  Sydney Cone and Gabe’s wedding gift
~Deb Bower

In Honor of Michelle Wood, for Caesar

~Meredith Hansen

In Memory of…
Deanne Kerker-Anders
Deanne Kerker obituary, 1962-2022, Newhall, IA
A heart of gold when it come to the love of animals
~Denise Balvin, family and friends. 

In Honor of Dexter

~Bailey Hammerberg

In loving memory of Sharon Ullrick, a pet lover. 

Your friends at Cedar Memorial

~From the John and Dina Linge Family Endowed Donor-Advised Fund

In Memory of ….
Nancy L. Sandstrom, 74,
of Cedar Rapids, May 20, 2022
Traci, Craig, Mac & Cam,

We are so very sorry for your loss. Wishing you comfort and peace to face the days ahead and all the loving memories to hold your Mom (and Grandma) in your hearts! Losing someone so beloved is always heartbreaking. We are with you all in spirit!

~Lots of love and hugs,

Beth, Kevin, Tommy, Danielle and Trevor Koch

~Mary Ann Petsche
~Ron and Julie Hackett
~Andy & Linda Fierstine
God bless our sweet Nancy. She was a gift to so many. 🐾
~Jan Erceg
In memory of Nancy, a friend to all animals and treasured by all who knew her.
~DeAnn Brannaman
~ Kathleen J Aller…  “RIP Dear Friend”
~ Terry L Gaston & Virginia Baxter Gaston
~ David W & Kerri L Griffin
~ Barry E & Janet L Stump
~ Ronald D & Karen K Kielholtz
~Anna-Doretta & Larry Riley
~Piano Technicians Guild/Quad Cities Chapter
~Traci, Craig, Mackenzie, Josh & Cameron Stump

In Memory of  Lucky and Marley Stone

…for Corabell
~Suzi Stone

In Honor of Brick’s Birthday
~Denise Zmolek

In Honor of Bubba/Denver

~Delta Oswald and  ‘gofundme donators’This is all from the GoFundMe that was made in a week! Denver I hope your future is as bright as you! I love you baby boy!

In Honor of Maria’s Embroidery

~Valentina Caro
~Katie Kothe

In Honor of Coco

~Jean Fiala

In memory of Lucy
~Sandra Dighton

In Honor of Charlie McMaier
Sweet old Beagle man Charlie McMaier. You lived a long and loved life with your daddy’s and all of your fans! You will ALWAYS be remembered.
~Traci Weber

In Memory of Tom Bombadil
~Martha Scheer
To our beloved companion! Martha

In Honor of Rob Hursch

~Martha Scheer

Thank you for all you do! Martha, Mark, Aggie and Jiji

In Honor of Squish

~Eric Hagen

In Honor of Jane Corey
~Kathy Lenahan

In Memory of Sharon Mom Bauer

~Krista Rogahn

In Honor of Cesar

~Karen Randlev
~Tammy O’Brine
~Tim and Laura Sagers

~Lynne McDole

~Tiffany O’Donnell
~Jace Hepker

In Honor of Michael and Kierstyn Triggs

…To celebrate their marriage
~Lisa and Craig Hammond

In Memory of Linda Airy

July 4, 1949 – March 27, 2022

~Tara Shelby

Many thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time and sadness. Your mother was a kind and generous person with a great smile. She will be missed.
~Mindy  McCreight
~Colleen Digmann
~David P & Linda M Lucas
~Michael G & Diane L Espenes

Sending prayers and loving thoughts to friends and family of Linda Airy. You are in our hearts.
Love, K+J

~Kristine Kim
~ John N & Brevity Airy

In Honor of Gojo

Gojo is such a sweet, awesome dog. He has a very special place in my heart now. While it didn’t workout for me to foster him, I really grew fond of him in the few days he was here. I hope the treatmentworks, that he gets strong and healthy, and that he finds a wonderful, loving furever home.

~Becky Bethke

April 17, 1934 –               March 5, 2022

~Jim Miller

~Kathleen Mullin

~Kenneth J Stejskal

~Cynde Shepard

~Linda Neighbor

~Barbara A Bloomhall

~Kathy A. Healy

~Frank & Bonnie Varvaris Family

 ~Dale & Sara Ann  
~ Amy Godwin & Jeffrey K Pick
~ Kate White Graham
~ Pam S Mahany
~ Catherine Basile
~ Marshall H Godwin
~ Scott S & Julie G Gasway

In Memory of Clover

~Lisa Maske

In memory of our sweet Maddie who was loved beyond measure.

~Lori Flaherty

In Memory of my precious Beagle Ditto

~Kathy Davis

In memory of my sweet Miss Molly.

~Pam Gibney

In Memory of Smokey Keller

We are so sorry for your loss of little Smokey. Our thoughts and sympathy are with you.

~Tammy Schwartz   02/24/2022

In Honor of Lenyn

~Krystina Moore

In Honor of Rucka (Luca) the German Shepherd

I’m close friends with Greti North, who is fostering Rucka (she named him Luca). Luca is so lucky to have Greti taking wonderful care of him, she loves him so much! Bless all of you who are taking care of Luca and all the rescue animals at Critter Crusaders!

~Teresa Celsi

In Memory of ND

~Anne Deguc

In Honor of Maria’s embroidery

~Jeydith Guiterrez

~Magdalena Caro

In Honor of Dave and Clara

~Kristine Nelson

In honor of Mr. B

~Mike Riley and Maria Bertorello

~Julie Houston

~Maria Bertorello

(Natasa & Maria -Quilted/Embroidery items)

“In Honor of a friend who recently lost her beloved friend,Walter, a rescue who added much love to her life.”

~Jack E & Patridia A Lowe

In Honor of Doug Fuller

~D Dreckman 1/19/2022

In honor of Hobbes and Jazzy

~Jessica Dawn Mullenix 01/18/2022

In memory of our beloved Lu

~Anne Wilson 1/17/2022

In Memory of Cowboy

~Denise Zmolek 01/17/2022

In Honor of Ben and Lora Summerwill
~ Ben Summerwill

In Memory of Melvina Slemp
~ Marge Stansberry
~ Jan & Nola Schroeder

In Honor of Traci Weber

Happy birthday, Traci! We love you.
~Ann & Mike 01/10/2022

FBO. Traci Taylor Weber

~Shelly Sutton

On behalf of Annalisa Morgan

~Nancy Morgan 01/9/2022

 In Memory of Gordon Hoover
~Diann and Bill Weininger