Donations In Honor & Memory

April 1, 1950 – November 4, 2021

Jodie Stapley

Ross DeValois

Darrell and Carol Bacon

April Schroeder

This memorial donation was received by the Kitzmann Family for Richard (Rick) Kitzmann.
Rick loved his pets and cherished each one of them. Rick rescued two wonderful dogs
and leaves behind his most recent rescue, Blue. Judy Kitzmann

For Roxanne & Dennis Schlader’s beloved furbabies from Jon & Karilyn Prottsman:
In memory of:
and In honor of Lacey who brings them great joy.

In memory of  Apollo Garland

By Rebecca Riedesel   10/05/2021

In memory of Cody

By Loren and Pat Flater   10/01/2021

In memory of Amber Dawn

By Renee Wallace  09/07/2021

In memory of Jim Wheeler

By Erin Hackathorn   9/02/2021

In honor of Amanda Tharp

By Annie Hills   08/29/2021

In honor of Melinda Kadera’s 40th Birthday

By Melanie Fortin   08/11/2021

In memory of Ed Neff
~ Stella


In memory of Bentley the Beagle

 Please put this towards the care and needs of Gus the beagle. If someone could just give him a big hug from me, I would appreciate it.

By Angela Birchler   08/09/2021

In memory of Mario Proctor

(February 3, 1983-October 25, 2020)

In memory of Bri Brannaman

June 2021In loving memory of my sweet fur baby, Bri Brannaman.
You left me way too soon sweetheart and I miss you every day!

I love you more than words can say and you will always be forever in my heart. ❤
DeAnn Brannaman

In memory of Bri-Michelle Wood

In memory of Sweet Bri-Paula Stroud

In memory of Tyler “Ty” Schroeder

By Michelle Wood   06/20/2021

In honor of In honor of Little Charlie❤️

By Kelli Parker   06/11/2021

In honor of Tom Ritchie

 This donation is in honor of Tom Ritchie, faithful supporter and volunteer for Critter Crusaders. Tom has a heart of gold and an avid lover of all animals. He always steps up to help animals in need and his fellow human beings as well. Tom safety-proofed my deck stairs for my dogs and instead of taking payment, he generously asked for a donation to Critter Crusaders instead. Tom, thank you for your assistance and for all you do for our animal friends!

By DeAnn Brannaman   05/07/2021

In memory of Sassy Wood

Rest In Peace sweet Sassy

By Nikki Kettelkamp 04/25/2021


In memory of Alison Moore

She loved all animals and cared for many during her lifetime.

From Family Friends


In memory of Bella

Rather than pay to get our beloved family dog’s ashes returned to us, we wanted to support the important work you are doing to care for the animals who need it most.

By Julie Bradley   04/16/2021


In Memory of Steve Belger
from Patricia Hackathorn



In memory of Chloe



In memory of Lucky



In memory of Catherine Haddy

This donation in Kitty’s Memory is from all her co-workers at Windstream.



In honor of Connie Wells

Wishing you a Happy Retirement Connie!

By Nolting Manufacturing   03/26/2021


In memory of Bosco and Lilee.

Please use this money to help with the medical bills for Rocket man in honor of our Lilee. We lost her to cancer in October.

By Novak Electric  3/4/2021

In memory of our two precious Beagles, Ruby & Mattie.

Charles Popeck & Deanne Jones-Popeck

In honor of Oscar

By Dena Vipond 02/01/2021

In Memory of Hubert, Best Cat Ever!

from Brian & Christina Shulista

With Love
John Gibson

Beautiful soul gone way to soon💜

By Amy Schuttloffel

I know Mel loved animals as much as I do, so please accept this donation in her honor. We will miss you bunches!

By Judy Youvon

In the event CC has an opportunity to give a name to a stray or baby animal, please consider the name Mel in memory of this beautiful young woman who loved animals.


In memory of Melanie Gibson

By Kathleen Matthes

In memory of an incredibly kind soul. We will miss you, Mel.

By Jan Erceg

Rhonda Kay Jeffery

In honor of 50th for Traci Weber

By Barb Wagner

In honor of Zach Wright

Merry Christmas Zach! I love you! ❤️Sister

In honor of Max

By Erin McCormick

In memory of our granddog who died on 12/21/2020 at 13 years of age. Chester was a Golden Doodle who had a deformed leg and walked his whole life with a bad limp – but he was well loved and taken care of by his family. He is already missed so much by his two little boys.

~ Priscilla & Thomas Polehna

In memory of Dennis Blome-By Lisa Larkey

In honor of Lynn Tronvold

By Carlton Tronvold

In memory of Rusty

We would like to donate in Rusty’s honor for Biscuits heart surgery. American Water Spaniels have…A special place in our hearts.

By Craig Ziemann

In honor of The Vohoska critters at Christmas. 

By Denise Zmolek

In memory of Samson

Our neighbors Great Dane Samson passed away yesterday of old age. He was a friend to everyone.

By Jody Rausch

In memory of Diana R. McDowell

We are so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Mother Diana

By Gina and Tom Ernster

To all the special rescues

By Shelley Crumes

In Memory of Koda and Jeffrey Murtha

In Honor of Mark McCool

Happy Birthday! …….Ann Lawrence

In Honor of Chassi VanDrimmelen

By Michelle Vande Loo

In Memory of Joseph Allen “Mario” Proctor
February 3, 1983 – October 25, 2020

In Memory – with love

Barb & Verlin Proctor

From Kim and  Mackenzie

Jon Wilson

Amanda Romizer

Judy & Robert Workman

Richard Martsching

Erin & Paul Harrington

Janine Cooney

Abigail Bemis

Kenneth & Darla Reynolds

Thomas & Kimi Hull

Leesa Vogel

Sandra Crouse

Allen & Lorrie Giltner

Lone Forbes & Tammy Michael

Bronson &^ Kristin Eick

Lynette Smith

Randy & Carletta Creek

In honor of Elise

By Kevin Ball

My precious Hailee-By Jan Erceg 9/6/20

God bless Jan Erceg for her unconditional love of all animals…By Paula Mains

Hailee, Beloved dog of Jan Erceg -By Michelle Wood 9/4/20

In loving memory of Hailee, beloved fur baby of Jan Erceg
by DeAnn Brannaman


Sue and Mark Hartung

DeAnn Brannaman

In memory of Hailee Erceg

Annette Hoefer

In honor of my beloved Bear that you rescued….💕

Paula Mains

DeAnn Brannaman

Paula Stroud

Bear, beloved pet of Paula Mains

Paula was the best foster and forever momma that this horribly abused boy could have ever had. He went to heaven knowing unconditional love and a home of his own

By Jan Erceg 9/10/20

In honor of my 3 fur babies Tessa Rose, Flora Mae & Bree Ayla.

From Roberta Harris

In honor of Celeste Marie

By Tricia Kitzmann

In Memory of Betsy – beloved Golden Retriever – rescue dog

By Linda and Neil Masteller

In memory of Lexi.

From Sue & Mark Hartung

In honor of Nico.

In memory of Libra
“All animals deserve love and care.”

by Aaron Poisel

In honor of Andy Johnson

by SSI Technology, Inc

In memory of Miah, beloved dog of Jan Erceg

by Michelle Wood

In Memory of Suri

~ Matthew & Kimberly Davis

“To Miah Jillian,
You left me so suddenly sweetheart, but you will live forever in my heart. Until we meet again, my Jilly. I love you so”.

“Momma” Jan Erceg
Sue and Mark Hartung

In honor of Mary Nugent Woods
“Merry Christmas Mom!” 2019

by Chrissy Swartzendruber

In memory of Beefy, beloved pet of Shayna Schumacher, D.D.S.

by Sandra Dighton

In honor of Mairin E. Miller, DVM, Oncologist
“Our daughter, very proud of her work as a Veterinarian Oncologist.”

~ Shirley Miller

For your care of Rescue animals in honor of Sarah Woods

~ Mary Nugent Woods

In honor of Nix and the wonderful team that saved her life. (Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center, Cedar Valley Pit Bull Rescue (CVPBR) & Critter Crusaders). CVPBR has requested that her adoption fee be donated to Critter Crusaders.

In her short 1.5 years, Nix has been homeless and nearly lost her life after suffering a dog attack.

Nixie is a symbol of hope for homeless animals and a perfect example of how misfortune can open the door to a new and better life for homeless animals.

Nixie’s misfortunes brought her and me together and I am beyond thrilled to go from being her foster mom to her Furever Mamma!

~ DeAnn Brannaman

In loving memory of Sam, Sadie, Tyco, Zach & Zoey
“Here’s to five of the most loving creatures I ever had a privilege of being their Mom. I miss you to the moon and back. I know you’d want me to use some of Simon and Cassie’s chewy and treat money for other animals in need. They agreed. Love you and miss you all so very much!!!! Until we meet again. See you on the Bridge, Momma!
By John, Cathy, Simon and Cassie Gretlein

May 11, 1964 – November 3, 2021

May we all be inspired by Mama Tate’s example of love, kindness, and compassion to our fellow beings-Liz Bennett

In honor of Mama Tate-Anthony Cappel

In memory of Sandy Tate-Annika Pettitt

In honor of Sandy ‘Mama’ Tate… A Marion,Iowa resident who spent many hours loving animals and humans.
She passed from cancer and requested this donation In her honor. The animals just got an angel to look over them. Maggie & Joe Czerwionka

You will be missed, Sandy. You brought a little piece of heaven to earth. Jan Erceg

Sandy “Mama” Tate was one of your biggest advocates, so I am honored to donate in her memory.

She was a dear friend of mine that will always have a piece of my heart. Thank you for all that you do! Carla Albers

In Memory of Brett Klein
10/9/1980 – 9/30/2021
~ Sue Minck

In memory of Austin

By Eric Hagen   11/19/2021

For her love of animals this donation is in memory of Sheryl Augustin

~ Paul & Julie Tande



In loving memory of Chloe.

~ Scott & Cathy Dahm



In memory of my sweet Callie – she went to the Rainbow Bridge on May 20, 2021. She is missed and loved every day,
~ Cheryl Derks


In memory of Johnny Brannaman

DeAnn Brannaman, in loving memory of my sweet Johnny. I am blessed you chose
me to be your mom,  and I miss you every day sweetheart. My love always. ❤
Sue & Mark Hartung, for DeAnn’s sweet boy, Johnny

DeAnn’s beloved dog Johnny
Michelle Wood

For sweet Johnny
Paula Stroud

Leo Malech
July 9, 2021
We would like to donate in memory of Leo Malech (my brother) who died on July 9th, 2021. He had a terrier named Freddie for a number of years who was spoiled daily. Thank you for your service and caring.

~ Pat & Marv Wilderman & Friends

May 20, 1956 – May 12, 2021

Marilyn & Carl Gerhold

Vernon & Arlene Sand

Kenneth & Marjorie Washburn

Robert & Karen Jensen

Rodney & Amy Irons

Julie Billett

David & Gloria Johnson

Dale & Sara Ann Todd

Thomas & Lisa Klenske

Randall Krejci

Mark & Susan Hartung

J.D. & Theresa Smith

Jill Laughlin

Theodore Sturgeon

Merry Rooks

Randall Reinhold

Gabi Carter

Cynde Shepard

 UIHC AirCare (Nick Nezda)  – AirCare wants to honor Chuck Mincks with this donation

Gayle Seehusen

 Barbara DeGood   -Much loved and missed.  Donation in Chuck’s honor made by Barb DeGood and Kathy DeGood

Linda and Tony Pavelka

Allyson Schroeder

DeAnn Brannaman

Deb Bowers  – In memory of our friend, Chuck Mincks. We miss you. May you Rest In Peace. deb

Meleah Jones

St Lukes Respiratory Care(Jennifer Gillingham)

 Anthony Robinson  -On behalf of the Cedar Rapids Police Protective Association we make this donation in memory of Chuck.

 G Frech


Charles Dixon  -In memory of Chuck “Bulleit” Mincks

Kim Pasker

Michelle Allmandinger  -RIP our friend. Byron, Eric, Sue and Michelle

Daniel R & Theresa I Holub

Paula K Stroud

Robert D Moran IRA  -Chuck was in charge of the Police Substation at 1501 – 1st Avenue SE, CR, when I was a volunteer there

Jan Erceg  -God bless you my friend. You are so missed.

-In memory of the sweetest Bernese…Boe Skogman

By Nikki Kettelkamp 04/25/2021

In Memory of Stuart who has been gone 1 year today.
Pam Gibney

In memory of Carolyn Leary

By CPU English Department   04/13/2021

In Honor of Joshua Kuperman

Dedicated Cat Rescuer
by Samuel & Marjorie Kuperman


In honor of Blazin

Blazin was a rescue dog my friend Brenda Carter took in when his rescue failed him. He passed recently during his longest & last seizure.

As a puppy he ate meth & his owner hit him in the head with a shovel. Brenda & I were trying to get him to Wisconsin when Covid hit.

She had just made contact again right before the day it was too late.

By Laura Hulbert  03/31/2021

In memory of JoAnne Bensley

By David & Beth Bain   03/09/2021

In memory of Amos.

By Joi Alexander  02/14/2021

Inspired by Erin Trickey Hatcher’s Fundraiser.

Bless this amazing organization and my beautiful friend who chose to celebrate her birth by raising funds to support it. Happy Birthday Erin! Go Critter Crusaders!

By Tressa di Figlia Handfield

In honor of Reba

Linda Taylor

In honor of my brother, Doug Fuller

By D Dreckman

In honor of JoAnn and Nema

In honor of Jo Ann’s kind heart and love of cats and dogs.

In honor of
Nema, a little kitty rescued by Joann McNiel.
My good friend Joann McNeil found your organization and you helped her save a little kitty that had be severely injured. the story she has shared about the organization, your kindness and the work you do is amazing.
I’m so happy to know Nema can be saved and hopefully live a full and happy life with Joann.

-By Shirley Bonekemper

In honor of Kathy Condon

By Ellen Holmes

In honor of Sterling

Thank you!

Kourtne Powell

In honor of finding Benny.

Would like the donation to go to the bill of Benny’s medical needs and bill.

By Rebecca Rasmussen

In honor of Rik J. Powell and Emily McCallum

By Amy Powell

In honor of Rik J. Powell and Emily McCallum

By Amy Powell

In memory of Caesar I& Oscar
~ Margaret Elaine Sweet


In memory of Caesar I& Oscar
~ Margaret Elaine Sweet


Mona Lisa Pruisman

Oct 2, 2011 – July 13, 2020

My sweet, loving Mona. Where do I start?

(click here to read)

Mommy, Daddy & Diego

In memory of Mona the Greyhound

From Red, Heidi & Goldy

In memory of our beagles Ruby & Mattie. Thank you for all your hard work and care of animals with medical needs. 
Charles Popeck & Deanne Jones-Popeck

Just was thinking of Traci and Lissie today wand wanted to make a small donation in her name. 

By Kris Brown

In honor of Peg and Barb Hannon

Wood wood! Happy holidays.  By Hudson and Matilda Monserud

In memory of Nancy Grace, 1944-2020

By Barbara Ultis

Elizabeth Belgarde

In memory of Dr. Jaclyn Marie Ferdig DVM

Passed away in 2018. She saved many animals, but lost her own life in 2018.

By Randy Ferdig

In honor of Starman

By Nancy Ludwig

My Buddy, my heart, my life.  Mom misses you so, son. Please wait
for me on that beautiful bridge, my Bubby.

Jan Erceg

In memory of Buddy Erceg

Annette Hoefer

In memory of Layla

In memory of Sweeney, faithful 16-year companion
of singer/song-writer, Josh Groban

by Tracie Ables

In honor of Dre dawg Jensen

We miss you so much

By Jenelle Jensen  08/24/20

In honor of the 2020 1st Avenue Wine House Tasting. 

Though we are unable to celebrate this year, we thank Traci, Ron and all of you for your amazing support!

Joann Boguss
Robin Nelson
Jude Lampson
Carolyn Rogers
Gerri Franz
Marlyse & Terry Strait
Tricia Kitzmann
Traci Buck
Cynde Shepard
Dana Healy
Lindsey Greenzweig
Cindy Entwisle
Sally Stephenson
Britni Cibula
Laura Smith
Kris Kleiman
Jennifer Markly
Jodie Kollsmith

In honor of the 2020 1st Avenue Wine House Tasting. 

Though we are unable to celebrate this year, we thank Traci, Ron and all of you for your amazing support!

Joann Boguss
Robin Nelson
Jude Lampson
Carolyn Rogers
Gerri Franz
Marlyse & Terry Strait
Tricia Kitzmann
Traci Buck
Cynde Shepard
Dana Healy
Lindsey Greenzweig
Cindy Entwisle
Sally Stephenson
Britni Cibula
Laura Smith
Kris Kleiman
Jennifer Markly
Jodie Kollsmith

In memory of Jon B Burger

By Cynthia Burger

In honor of my mother, Martha Adam

From Darnell Adam
June 7, 2020

In memory of Gunther, beloved dog of Georgia & Steve Shepherd.

From Sue & Mark Hartung

For Niko and his friends. In honor of our own dear Neko.

In memory of Sparky

So loved and so missed

By Sandra Dighton

In honor of Melissa Copper

She’s a great animal advocate, so I just wanted to donate in her name.

By Sarah Hyatt

In memory of Gracie Boo

by Kathleen Scharmer

In honor of my brother, Bob Harris & his Poodle girl, Missy Ann, a former puppy mill dog whom he rescued several years ago.

~ Roberta Harris

In loving memory of TAD

 In memory of Miah Jillian, Jan Erceg’s beloved Siberian Husky

by Kevin Ball

In honor of “Miss Bella’s Mom and Dad, Ed and Cheryl Miller.”
Christmas 2019-The Bella Fund

~Carla Boyle

In honor of Bella- The Bella Fund

~ Ed & Cheryl Miller

In memory of Laurie Smith

~ Lily Marie

In memory of our two Beagles, Ruby and Mattie                                                               

In Memory of Spud

Spud was a wonderful dog when I used to foster. He always made the new dog at home. I will some day find another dog to love. Thank you CC for all you do.

Coleen Kint

In Memory of Wilbur

“Wilbur would have been 9 years old on July 4th. I want this gift to be a memorial of the joy he brought to my life. Wilbur left us a year ago on July 19th and he is missed every single day.”

Angela Birchler

In memory of sweet little Zarae and in honor of her foster mamma, Lynn Snyder.

~ Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue, Jennifer Spencer

In memory of Reverend Gerald A. Condon

~Sandra Jenney

In honor of Mary & Clark McLeod

~ Ben Fashimpaur & Hilery Livengood

For Hero and Lois Richardson. I’ll love him forever, and I love Lois for her beautiful soul.

~ Krista Howell

In honor of Tim Sebetka 

Sharon K Ullrick

Vilma Polehna Nejdl

July 27, 1928 – September 12, 2021
Vilma and her husband, Robert, LOVED animals,
and they had several rescue dogs. We know she
would appreciate the work that Critter Crusaders does.
~ Michael & Joni Polehna
~ Tom & Priscilla Polehna
~ Christine Hartman & Jeff Cairns

In memory of Dixie DeSoto, an avid animal lover.
~ Doran & Billie Zumbach

Donation in honor of Scott and Lana Sellner

By Deanna Sellner

In memory of Brett Klein

October 9, 1980-September 30, 2021

He is survived by his loving wife, Ryan Klein

and their three fur babies Ophelia, Winston, and Maggie, Cedar Rapids.

The Physicians and Staff of Radiology Consultants of Iowa 10/11/2021
TrishAnn and Tim Latham


Ken Hensley
August 24, 1945 – November 4, 2020
I am making this donation in memory of musician Ken Hensley. He lived in Spain and had a small rescue, taking in unwanted animals and getting them medical care. 
~ Jenna Delfs Brucher

In memory of my Mother, Evelyn Keller, who died July 24,2021, at age 104. She loved animals – cats and especially dogs. Thank you for your care and concern of all critters.

God Bless,
Lee Stephenson

In honor of Callie

This donation of  is specifically for Alex, the cat you just took in, July 27, 2021. I hope he makes it and recovers. Thank you for taking care of him.

By Pat Allard 07/27/2021

In memory of Callie

For Cora, in memory and honor of my loving cat, Callie.

By Pat Allard   07/10/2021

In memory of Donald Fisk

Passionate about pets and rescues; a memorial to his passing and in honor of his daughter Kim Pasker.

By JoAnne and Robert McNiel   07/06/2021

In honor of C G Brown

By Linda F Brown   06/03/2021

In memory of Stella

 Rest in peace sweet Stella girl. You were such a good dog and left so many better people because of your presence.

By Traci Weber   05/27/2021

In honor of Rosie Kuster’s Birthday!

What a kind heart you have, Rosie!

By Ava Brandmeyer   05/01/2021

In honor of Rosie’s 6th birthday!

In memory of Simon, beloved dog of Cathy & John Gretlein

By Michelle Wood   04/15/2021


In memory of Lionel

By Lori Kendrick


In memory of Lionel

Lori is a saint….By Patrick Hennessee   04/23/2021

In memory of an amazing kitty and the momma that he loved so much, Lori Kendrick.

By Jan Erceg


In memory of Teddy

God bless you all for the great work you do. How anyone can be cruel to an animal is more than I can understand. All they want to do is be loved and give love.

By Deb Glover   04/09/2021

In honor of Kimble

-Thank you for all you do!  Torri Freese   04/04/2021

-Natalie Reynolds   04/06/2021

-In honor of Kimble

 I am donating for Kimble – If there is anything leftover please put it where it is needed! Keep doing what your doing and Thank you!

By Joanne Pontius-Bauer   04/15/2021

In honor of Bri Martin and her Birthday

Briella Martin is having her 7th birthday today, 3/21. She saw your ad on T.V. and she’s a very thoughtful, loving and caring person.

She has 2 dogs and a cat at her house that she loves dearly. She wanted to donate her birthday money to take care of your animals:

food, medications & shelter. I thought that was extremely thoughtful of her to do this.


In honor of Hobbs 💜


In memory of Charles “Charlie” Stark

from Nancy Davis

In memory of Peyton

By Margo Magee Swim 01/29/2021

In memory of Janie Klein
She always looked out for animals that may have been lost or hurt, and she gave a very loving home to many pets over the years.

From the family of Janie Klein

In honor of my Westy, Bella-By Michael Lopez

In honor of Jan and Greg Erceg.  By Mary Kate O’Brien

Thank you to Jan and Greg Erceg for making it possible for my forever Farrah and I to be united. And a thank you to Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids for all you do. Finally in loving memory of Rex Francis O’Brien.

Elizabeth “Lizzi” Taylor Weber
10-25-2006 -10-28-2020

Jude & Scott Lampson-Smith

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes….because for those who love with heart and soul, there is no such thing as separation”

The most powerful way to mend a wounded soul is to help another mend theirs. This is why we give to Critter Crusaders.

With Love, Traci & Ron Weber
Lizzi’s Mom & Dad

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes….because for those who love with heart and soul, there is no such thing as separation”

Ashley, Lindsey, Stevee

Thank you for giving her the best life.

So much love, Terri and Travis

In memory of Lizzi
By Lori Mosbah McCallum

In memory of Lizzi
By Tim and Denise Fitzpatrick

In memory of Elizabeth “Lizzi”‘ Taylor Weber
The kindest most gentle dog I have met. Loved seeing her at the Wine House! Miss you, Jane and Allen Witt.

In memory of Lizzie Weber (anonymous)
To Lizzie Weber. No one will be able to forget your sweet face and wiggly rear end as they came into the First Ave Wine House. You were truly the “Hostess with the Mostest”! Lizzie was a mainstay at the shop. She worked hard but was well rewarded and loved. Thank you to Traci and Ron for letting us get to know Lizzie. She will be missed…..I will miss her.

DeAnn Brannaman

Lizzi will be greatly missed-Joli Smith

Lizzi Weber was always a sweet surprise to see when I visited First Avenue Wine House. I hope she is pain free, and playing with all her friends in doggie heaven.

Kim Meeker

Be kind, it’s so gangster. Tyler Davin

In memory of Lizzi Taylor Weber-Julie Nielsen

In memory of Lizzi Weber-Molly, Matt Danielson-Andrea & Steve Shriver

We are so sorry for the loss of Lizzi…..Amy Taylor

Cynde Shepard

Hugs to you, Traci and Ron. We will miss your sweet Lizzi. Arlene & Andy Houk

We will miss you sweet Lizzi❤️ Jan Erceg

In loving memory of Sweet Lizzie. You made everyone that had the pleasure to know you happy. Rest In Peace.

Love, Sally, Kevin & Ruby

In memory of Lizzi Weber

David Maier and Matthew McGrane

In memory of sweet Lizzi

By Ann and Mike Humbert

In memory of Lizzi Taylor Weber
From Dennis & Diane Flynn


In memory of Lizzi Taylor Weber

Annette Hoefer

This boxer was our granddog and we love and miss her so much!

Carolyn Taylor

In honor of my beloved Lizzie with more love than you can possibly imagine.

Aunt Patti Thacker

For Traci, Ron and Lizzie. Your beloved baby brought you such love and joy. So happy to honor her memory here. -Linda and Larry Walderbach

We will miss visiting sweet Lizzi at the Wine House.

In loving memory from Sue, Steve and Georgia.

Terrie and Terry Huff

In honor of my beloved Lizzie Weber on Giving Tuesday.
Aunt Patti Thacker


In honor of Lizzi Weber. Traci & Ron lost a piece of their heart in Lizzi’s passing, but they will never lose their dedication to Critter Crusaders and saving fur babies.

Paul & Carol Renz


Just was thinking of Traci and Lissie today and wanted to make a small donation in her name. By Kris Brown

Sherri K Condon


In memory of Gino Filipovich

by Laurie & Ricky Duvall


In memory of Marilyn June Andersen

By Janet Schminkey

In memory of a wonderful person, who loved animals also.

By Susan Pierson

In memory of Marilyn Andersen
Thank you for the important work you do
for both the animals and people!

by Herbert & Jeffrey Wiese

Tom J. Neenan


Robert & Sharon Foley

In memory of Melissa Griffin

Mt Pleasant SC
Memorial for a life Gone too soon. She loved and cared for so many pets. A true animal lover.

By Joie and Mike Welsh

In memory of Melissa A Griffin

Melissa passed away August 7th, 2020. Donating in her memory.

By Jennifer Timmerman

In Honor of Tom Reyes

Happy Birthday!


In honor of Evi & Elsa Kettlekamp, twin sisters who donated their birthday money to Critter Crusaders.

Such a generous gesture! Critter Crusaders and the homeless animals we served thank you both!

May 25, 2020


In memory of Ivy, Jack, Karl, Patsy, Opie, and Micah

By Connie Floerchinger


In memory of Stuart Gibney


By Pam Gibney


In memory of Nico

To help out his fellow furkids.

Kim Frost & Franky Dog


In memory of Chunks.

Chunks was our beloved, 10 year old English Bulldog.

In honor of Nico


In honor of Angie Mueller


In honor or Dr. Timothy Brown & Staff
University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics

From Kathleey F Janz

In honor of Sandy Tate

by Sara Tate

In honor of Zeus, our Critter Crusaders rescue.

~ Judith & William McNiel

In memory of Jerry Lentz

by Mick and Jane Hines

In memory of Libra
“Animals are precious.”

by Aaron Poisel

In memory of Tipper and Ben
“My two beloved greyhound littermates who are sorely missed.”

~Paul Daniello

In memory of Susie Williams

~ Peggy S Wardenburg

In memory of Chloe

~ Scott & Cathy Dahm

In Honor of Albie

~ Gladys McMellor

In memory of beloved Harry

In memory of beloved Sasha

by Rebekah Dassion

Birthday wishes to my sweet kitties, Genevieve & Beatrix

by Ashley Hamma

In loving memory of Jimmy (kitty) and Jethro (German Shepherd) beloved pets of Rita Pechota.

~ Rita Pechota

In honor of Jim & Jeanna Newcomb and
In memory of Ursula Jane Rippe

~ Abby & Mark Rippe

In honor of Denise Krecji’s birthday

~  Kristi L McMains

In memory of Daisy

I lost a sweet beagle named Daisy and I would like to donate in memory of her. Also with love and prayers to Stormi who is fighting for her life. I have Jasper who could be Stormis twin. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do!

By Cindy Stoddard   10/20/2021

In honor of Jeanie Brown

Happy birthday from Nancy, Kaye, Vicki, Brian & Jen!

RIP Ellen. You were a very special lady, mother, mother-in-law, sister and Gram-E.
Fly with the angels my friend.  Judi Brackin  

 -Julie Billett 

 -DeAnn Brannaman  

In Memory of Jan Erceg’s very dear friend, Ellen “ET” Tolliver.    Michelle Wood

We love you so much ET. We will be together again someday in the glorious sunshine and gentle waves. You took a huge piece of our hearts with you. Forever friends💔
Janny and Greg

This gift is made jointly by Dale Tolliver and Roy Lawrence, in loving memory of Ellen Tolliver.

-We will miss you.  Mitch and Lori Melheim

-Greg and Pat Hudson

-Sue Hartung

-F Kay Janda TTE


In honor of Birdie

By Katy Diltz   09/19/2021


In honor of Kally & Brandon’s Wedding Gift

By Beth Kolsrud   09/19/2021


To honor the memory of Gretchen and Gizmo for the birthday of Kimberly Rehn.

By Amy Pregon   08/19/2021


In honor of Snoopy Jones

To help Gus

By Janet Jones   08/09/2021


In honor of Poppy, a wonderful Norfolk Terrier.

By Krista Krug  08/07/2021

In honor of Shadow

By Christine Nelson   07/22/2021

In honor of Shadow

By Christine Nelson   07/22/2021

In honor of Buddy

By RaeAnnon Kramer   07/11/2021

In memory of Chico

By Shannon Studt   07/11/2021

In memory of…..


Scott was a classmate of mine and passed away in a tragic car accident last month.
Instead of flowers, his family has asked for folks to donate to an animal rescue entity near and dear to them.

By Traci Weber   07/08/2021


In honor of Our MediRevver, Melissa Huston

By MediRevv Inc.   06/28/2021


In honor of Cora the kitty

By Pat Carlson   06/24/2021


In memory of Marilyn Anderson
~ Maureen McVaney Hill & Jonathan R. Hill


Honoring sweet Jack who passed away suddenly at 15

Jack was my aunt’s cat and only child. May he rest in peace among a bed of cat nip.

By Traci Weber   05/27/2021

In honor of Dr. Gwyneth Culp

By Kelly Meisel   05/14/2021


In Honor of Becky Harris

An avid animal lover who is retiring this year
~ Richard & Donna Scheer
~ Jane Scheer & Rob Hursh

In memory of Madison Mussell

 Our neighbors dog, Maddie lost her battle with cancer last week. She filled their hearts with joy competing in Dock Dogs.

By Jodi Rausch   04/27/2021

In memory of Melissa Aalfs beloved Freddie Mercury

By Michelle Wood  04/11/2021

In memory of Dixie DeSotel


~ Rawson Towing
~ Betenbender Mfg., Inc.
~ Estate of Dixie DeSotel


In memory of Athena


Thank you guys for everything you did to try to save Blondie! That boy was a fighter and his time on this earth was to short 💕🌈🐾

By Shelle Harvey  02/25/2021

In memory of Ronnie Harford’s sweet boy, Paco

By Michelle Wood   02/20/2021

In memory of Paco, the wonderful baby of Veronica Hartford

By Erika Miller 02/23/2021

In memory of our daughter, Terri Ellen McNiel

October 29, 1960 – January 15, 2021
In her memory, think kind thoughts, plant a flower, or rescue a lost animal.

From William & Judith McNiel

In honor of Chaplin and Linder, my spoiled boys.

In memory of Athena and Creasy Bear

In memory of Maggie and Gracie


In memory of Luke and Livvy Rhame

Two wire fox terriers that were so loved and rescued me.

By Barbara Rhame

In memory of Max and Sophie Leonard

By Cristina Leonard

In memory of Hershee

By Jane Hines

In honor of MaryJo Krupke and Sheldon

In memory of Sadie

Sadie was our 17 year old Miniature Schnauzer that passed away on June 25, 2018. We’d had her since she was a puppy so it broke my heart when she got very sick and we had to help her on her way with our amazing vet, Dr. Ryan Steen. She will always be in my heart and memories.

In memory of Seamus Sinclair

Seamus the doggo recently passed away. 🙁

Thank you for providing the healthcare Loki (f/k/a Amir), the husky, needed earlier this year. I adopted him from Homeward Bownd in March and he brings joy to me and my family every single day.

THANK YOU! Janey Jill

In honor of my brother, Bob Harris, and his poodle gal, Missy Ann.

Roberta Harris

In honor of Tom Ritchie

Thanks to you all and Tom Ritchie for all that you do!

By Ronald Harrelson

In memory of Stacy Chabak

In memory of Janice Klein

March 16, 1936 – October 7, 2020

Janice “Janie” had a great fondness for animals of all shapes and sizes, but in particular dogs. She always looked out for animals that may have been lost or hurt. She gave a very loving home to many pets over the years.

The Family of Janice Klein

Deb and Brad Buntz

In memory of Celine

In remembrance of your sweet kitty, Celine❤️🐾

By Jan Erceg

In Memory of Mic Walitshek

In Memory of Chloe

Scott & Cathy Dahm


In honor of Pugsley

This donation is in honor of my dog Pugsley, who I got from Critter Crusaders in 2013.

He was 4 1/2 when I adopted him & is happy, healthy & going strong!

By Mary Miskimen

In honor of Audie Marchik

Giving Tuesday donation from Audie Marchik and her human pack!

By Katie Marchik

Critter Crusaders Cedar Rapids, IA

In honor of Moose-By Tim Bosserman

I just want to thank you and everyone at Critter Crusaders for all you did to bring Moose back to health.

He’s healthy and happy in his new home now, and I can promise you that he will remain that way for the rest of his days.

In honor of Becky Stanek’s birthday

from Ricky & Laurie Duvall

In memory of Joe “Mario” Proctor

Jon Wilson

TCS new business/Amanda Romizer

In memory of Peyton Patrick

Best Black dog ever. We miss you.

By Margo Magee Swim

In Memory of Tucker

By Sandra Dighton

In honor of Binx, and the Coralville Animal Clinic.

By Melissa Wallace – 9/18/20

In loving memory of Wendy Herman who had a special love for her pets and all animals.

Jory Herman – Daughter

Corinne Bohner

Terri Ann & Ron Roe

In Memory of Abigail Lynn Walters

By Jennifer Timmerman

In Honor of Bootie and Rosie

July 27, 2020

In Honor of Bootie and Rosie

July 27, 2020

In Memory of John Ballestrasse

By Gayle Cantore


In memory of Karen Vavra

May 19, 2020

Sue & Mark Hartung
Gordon Grant
Ronald E. White
DeAnn Brannaman
Susan and Roger Boyd
Lori Pickart
Jan Erceg
Pam Gibney
Paula Stroud
Quail Ridge Townhomes Owners Association
Gregory & Pamela Pollock

In honor of Little Buddy

In honor of Kathy Lenahan.  This is for my sister’s birthday.

In Memory of Rosemary Younce

From Stanley Younce

In memory of Rudy, 1 cat, 1 dog

From Mary Stachow

“To all of the Greyhounds that we have had and lost.”

by Richard Pruisman

In Memory of my sister, Kathy Sewell, who recently passed. She was a huge animal lover.

~ Annette Messina & Family

In memory of Susie & Sally

In memory of Grace, beloved pet of Todd and Lisa Gothard

by Sandra Dighton

In memory of Kim Weber

“I lost my sister Kim in October. She loved animals with all her heart, rescuing and homing several cats over the years. I’m continuing her love for animals thru this donation so many more lives can be saved.”
By Sandy Beier

In memory of Dennis Blome

In memory of Maggie and Millie

In memory of Carole Ek Kenney

~ Richard Ridde

Kathy J. Rhodes

~ Walker & Linda Kelly

~ W & K Kilbourn

~ Jerry’s Electric, Jerry J Tichy

~ Cheri Rizer

In memory of Sandra Birmingham
who passed away on August 23, 2019

Charlotte M. Miller
Liz & Rick Sandstrom

In memory of Mira, beloved pet of Sally Gray

 ~Tiffany O’Donnell

In memory of Wonk Wing

~Adalynn Shaw

In Honor of BJ Hannon

~ Linda & Brian Abbott

In memory of David Ortberg-Mandel

~Dana Healy and Troy Nogelmeier
~Kathy Healy
~Joanne and Jeffrey Jess
~Wesley and Katherine True

In memory of Sam, Sadie, Tyco, Zach & Zoey

“My babies in Heaven! I know they will be sending me pawsitive thoughts and love on Mother’s Day. Love you TONS and miss you all so very much”.

~ Cathy Gretlein

In memory of Hero and in honor of Lois Sutton Richardson

~ Kim Brandt

Julie Shultz
Amy Taylor
Joli Smith
Dick and Nikki Kettlekamp
Linda and Larry Walderbach
DeAnn Brannaman
Jan Erceg

Tim, Amy and Mousse Taylor  
Sally Stephenson
James & Carolyn Taylor
Joann Bogguss
Lori & Greg McCullum
Patti Thacker
Lynn & Michael Ciha
Lori L Mosbah-McCallum
Patti Thacker

In Loving memory of
Jake Taylor.

~Karla Lynn
~Mike & Jill Kach
~Rick & Terri Braden
~Laura Diebold
~Shawn Huffman
~Abby Erion
~Kari Huffman
~Kim Schneck
~Nick & Shelli Marin
~Kim Prull
~Rhonda Cass
~John Gates
~Jan Erceg
~ Randy J & Karen E Erion
~ Lisa Wilson

Congratulations Monica and Nick Edwards  on your Happily Ever After!

In honor of Jillian Boardman. In celebration of her 30th birthday and her big heart for all God’s creatures.

In honor of DeAnn Brannaman – Thanking DeAnn for helping me with my son, Neil when I was very young and in a bad situation. Such a wonderful person!

Deborah McCourt-Rasmussen

In honor of Jan and Yurtie.

~ Chau Ngoc Nguyen

In memory of Emma Lou. A special pet.

~ Anonymous

In honor of Peyton & Chloe Thompson

~Sara Carson

In memory of Michael Birmingham

~ Susan E Benters

In Honor of Traci Taylor Weber

~ Tricia Kitzmann

In Memory of our Mom, Martha Adam

~ Darnell Adam

Donation by Karin Leesekamp

In honor of her sister Kris Leesekamp. She is an animal lover and has rescued numerous cats over the years.

In Memory of Polly, beloved dog of Michelle and Rick Wood.

~ Judy Stomp
~ Jan Gatto Erceg
~ DeAnn Brannaman

In Memory of Dixon, beloved miniature poodle rescue dog of Roberta Harris, who passed on Nov. 24, 2018.
~ Robert Harris and Missy Ann

In memory of Barry Carter of Lost Nation, IA
~ With love from Kherri & Craig Clements
~ Trish Nemitz

In memory of Ray Lauerdale
~ Donations from:
~ Joseph & Gail Gevock
~  Gregory & Connie Beebee
~  Ann & John Bader
~  David & Regina Harper
~  Sadie Gevock
~  Larry Carroll
~  M.D. Koch & Thomas Coppess
~  Century Laundry Distributing, Inc.
~  Deborah & John Amsbaugh

In memory of Linda Tronvold
~ Mary Robson
~ James and Rai Ann Brown
~ Kristin Ferguson
~ Trudy Johansen
~ Clinton and Joyce Dennis
~ Kelly Kinney
~ Roma McIntosh
~ David and Janeanne Parker
~ Robert and Kathleen cook
~ Ann Fitzharris
~ Tom and Dayna Harrington
~ Karol Weakland
~ Roger and Oline Stigers
~ John and Kathryn Lamb
~ Thomas and Debra Koos
~ Dean and Gale Beer
~ D & G Jonesi
~ Kathleen Layden
~ Darwin Shuttloffel
~ Sharon Caldwell
~ Kathy Barry
~ Vern and Rose Jackson
~ Vincent Arioso
~ Alicia Burnett
~ Wanda Deemer
~ Jim Hindman Family
~ Rhonda Zeigler
~ From Linda’s friends at KCRG-TV9
~ Sergio Gutierrez Moreno
~ Frank and Mary Gardner
~ Judy and Bob Jaeger
~ Michelle Wood
~ Jan Erceg
~ Cathy Rawson

In memory of my brother Nick Stadler.
~ Georgia Schilling.

In Memory of Tina MacNaughton

Tina helped us with our cats years ago.
~ Bev and Dave Hannon

In memory of Tina the Super Foster Mom. Sure miss you girl.
~ Julie Billett

“In memory of Sydney who was with us for 14 years. I want to keep the memory of her going.”

~ Steve Sandstrom

In memory of my beloved mother, Dorothy. She loved cats and dogs, and passed that love to me.  Lucky was the pet who found a home with mom over her lifetime.
~ Connie Maze

In memory of our dear friend Gady Lewis from Monroe, LA
~ Pam and Mark Zimmerman

In honor of Martha Adam from her daughter Darnell Adam.
~ God bless you and all the wonderful volunteers ~

In honor of UICCU staff member, Darci Dullea.
– U of I Community Credit Union

In Memory of Amber Belden from Gary, Marilyn and Regina Langhurst

In memory of Chase, beloved dog of Julie Billett – from Jan Erceg

Robin Bertelli
In memory of Kenneth Martin Jr, 3/3/58 – 2/13/16

In loving memory of Linda O’Donnell.
“Our dear friend of more than 50 years and very much missed Fab 4 sister.
Forever with love, Diane,Deb & Diane”


In memory from Andrea and Thomas Viner and family

Joy Elaine Bayshore, 63, of Iowa City, died on Monday, October 27, 2014, at her home.
She was born in Meadville, Pennsylvania, on May 20, 1951, a daughter of W. John and Olive Mae Basehore.
Survivors include her beloved family — a sister, Jean Thomson and her husband Kent of Mount Pleasant, Iowa; nieces, Emily Thomson of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Sarah Tappendorf and her husband Curt of Fishers, Indiana, and Andrea Viner and her husband Thomas of Cedar Rapids; a nephew, Nate Thomson of Columbia, Missouri; great-nieces, Brianna and Ella Tappendorf and Lindy Viner; great-nephews, Aidan and Tyler Tappendorf; an uncle and aunt, Bob and Jennie Agnew of Linesville, Pennsylvania; and many cousins. She is also survived by her four beloved cats Gabe, Ginger, Thomas, and Henry.
Joy was an animal welfare advocate, an artist, a gardener and a lifelong lover of books and learning.

Anonymous donation
In memory of Frances
who loved all animals, especially, Boston Terriers

Dawn Svenson Holland
in honor of Clair Michael’s kindness to Sparkle, Oliver, & all animals

In memory of my baby girl, Sniglet. A big piece of my heart is missing.
There are no words to describe how much I loved you.
From your mom, Jan and your “aunt” Margaret Erceg

In memory of Chloe

~ Gail Nau

In memory of Margo Haber. 

~ John & Rosalind Lohmann

For my 71st Birthday

~ Jacque Retz

In memory of Chuck Scheer

~ Connie Stusak

In memory of my mom, Gen Gatto.
Love you forever, Mom!

~Jan Erceg

In honor of Tom Ritchie

~Laura Walker

In honor of Captain, Sniper & Bubba

~Denise Zmolek

In Loving Memory of Lynn Tronvold

~ Carlton Tronvold

Denise Zmolek

~In honor of her rescues  Captain and Beau

In memory of Chloe

~ Melissa Beastrom & Julie Meyer

A Very Special Memory

Many thanks to Jen Bentley, owner of the Donut Experiment for collecting $120 this month for Critter Crusaders. Jen does this every month in memory of CC’s Tina MacNaughton who passed away last November. Tina will never be forgotten.

Please visit Jen at her amazingly yummy shop at 5300 Fountains Dr. NE in Cedar Rapids.

Thanks Jen!

In memory of my wife Joann Hunt.
~ David Hunt

In memory of Dean Mossbarger.

~ Corridor Woodcarvers

In loving memory of my husband of 43 years, Harry. He was a huge supporter of the wonderful work your organization does. A special thanks to Bobbie Caryl, Tammy Harms, and Derrie Rawson.

 ~ Judy Stomp

In loving memory of Zeeba & my Honey Bunny

~ Rita & James Pechota

In memory of Judy Hart
~ Gabriel Hart

In memory of our beloved beagles, Ruby & Mattie.
~ Charles & Deanne Popeck

In memory of my Chase who was my little buddy for 14 years. I miss you sweetie.

~ Love, Mom

In memory of my mom Judy’s beloved cat Nick.
~ Michelle Wood

In honor of Kathy Barry’s birthday.

~ Trina E Heath

~ Samantha K Morin

Missy Ann Harris will be 11 years old on 2/26. This donation is in honor of her birthday from me & my pack.

Roberta Harris, Dixon, Tessa, Rose, Max & Flora Mae. Missy Ann is the beloved dog of Bob Harris, Roberta’s brother.

In memory of Barbara Weber Divita.
Arthur School

For Maddie, in honor of an amazing animal lover Michelle Wipperman.

– Jennifer Talley

In memory of all the beloved cats in my life. Skeezix, Paddidle, Truffle and Niblet.

– Kristen Kaylor

in Memory of Indiana Jones from Gina Kline

In memory of Liza, beloved dog of Sue & Mark Hartung – from Jan Erceg.

In loving memory of my sweet Roscoe.
We had such a short time together, but you now have a piece of my heart
to take with you over the Rainbow Bridge.

Crilley Law Offices
In memory of Jerry Crocker

In memory of Linda O’Donnell –
Dick and Joyce Kohl
“She was my very best friend, an awesome lady, my whole world,” Shirley Heck

Greg, Karen and Ryan Bell
In loving memory of Toby 10/2013 and Lexi 8/2014

In Memory of Susan Junge –
Lisa Paulos
Donna Berkhof
Hills Bank & Trust

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Klappholz
Helen Westcot
Mr & Mrs. John Kratzer
Maxine Welch
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Ritchie
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Stallman
Mr. Doug Thompson

Sandra Shover in honor of her pet Tuff

Cindy, Charlie Dominic and Avery Braatz- For the Love of their newly adopted CC dog, Zeb! After severe multiple injuries and a years worth of recovery, Zeb now has a wonderful home of his own!

Deborah Grove “-In loving memory of my cat Wikket. He was very special, a real sweetheart who loved being petted and snuggled. He adored being with people and would do just about anything to be told what a good boy he was. He is missed more than words can say”.
Wikket-August 30th,1999-May 15th, 2014

yertie2yurtie1You started life with a dad, and left it with a mom. You were the greatest gift that has ever been given to me ,Yurtie. Take good care of her Kevin. She is loved.”

Annette Hoefer donation

In honor of Baby Delilah

~ Jessica Johnson

John and Rose LaIn honor of Missy Ann who will be 13 on February 26th. She is the much-loved dog of brother Robert who adopted her when she was 4 or 5.

~ Roberta Harris

In honor of Mairin E Miller, DVM

~ Shirley Miller

In honor of Sprite. My little two-legged dynamo. Love you little man!

~ Jan Erceg

My Yurtie . . . a dog of a lifetime!
I miss you each and every day, sweetheart.

~Jan Erceg

In memory of Michelle Wood’s
beloved dog, Penny

~Meredith Hansen

In honor of Kris Leesekamp

~Karin Leesekamp

In honor of my daughter, Michelle Wood’s, birthday.

~ Judy Stomp

In memory of Jake Hoefer, beloved dog of Annette Hoefer

~ Carolyn Rogers

In honor of Regina Langhurst


~ Marilyn & Gary Langhurst


In honor of Regina Langhurst


~ Marilyn & Gary Langhurst


In honor of Regina Langhurst


~ Marilyn & Gary Langhurst


In honor of Regina Langhurst


~ Marilyn & Gary Langhurst


In honor of my brother Tonie.

~ Kimberly A Frost

In Memory of Mike Billett
~ Lissa Lippman
~ DeAnn Brannaman

In memory of Kristine Erickson Brown, who loved and adopted several rescue dogs over the years. She would love and be grateful for the work you’re doing.
~ John and Mary Hale

 In honor of my deceased husband, Dean L Mossbarger, who was a member of the turning club. Keep up your wonderful work.

~ Mrs Nelda J Warren

In Memory of Gracie & Glenda. Beloved dogs of Gary & Marilyn Langhurst.

~ Liz Belden

In memory of Mimi Reeve, beloved pet of Larry & Susan Reeve.

~ Marilyn and Gary Langhurst

In memory of Gilda the pug belonging to Marilyn, Gary and Regina Langhurst.

~ Larry and Susan Reeve

In honor of Lori Raleigh. “A true lover of animals. You are truly special”

– Janice Feil

“In memory of Winston, beloved cat of Laurie Crawford from Patricia McKnight.”

In memory of  my parents LeRoy and Lila Lee Krejci, the two who tickled my taste buds for animals and taught me the love of music.  “You don’t need to march to the same beat as everyone else.” – Denise Krejci

In loving memory of Virginia Sorensen. A special lady and animal lover.

~ Judy Stomp

In Loving Memory of Ken Martin who passed away 2/13/16.
Robin Bertelli & Beverly Martin

In loving memory of Susan & Sarah Wolfe – Susan & Sarah Wolfe Memorial Fund
“Pray for the dead but fight like hell for the living”~Mother Jones

Jerry Ask Gift Fund


Michelle & Rick Wood
In memory of Eddie – Jana & Clark’s beloved Old English Sheepdog

Joy Bayshore

Martha Erb
In loving memory of her sister Sandy Pratt * 7/2/46-2/27/16

Darnell Adam
In honor of our mom, Martha Adam

Gen Gatto
Gary Shubatt

Happy Birthday to Linda O’Donnell
from Shirley Heck

In memory of Ellie
A life well lived with mom Diane McCoy.
With much love to my daughter in her loss,
Helen Quass

Anonymous donation
in memory of Yurtie & Rockwell

Kathy Vande Zandschulp in memory of Treasure
She’ll never have another dog like her

Diana Harris, Holland Hotchkiss, Lois James, M Kay Colangelo, & Julie Weeks
in honor of departing Miccio Foundation Board Member Rebecca Porter

Sue Blome -in honor of Randy Cole and Lisa Blome Larkey.
“Instead of exchanging Xmas gifts, we give to a charity! Thanks for all you do!
Happy Holidays!”

Merry Christmas to each other from Julie & Patrick Scheetz

Annette Hoefer donation

Happy Birthday to Doug Fuller from Deborah Dreckman

In loving memory of Max, the sweetest dog ever

~ Sue Digmann

In honor of Doug Fuller’s birthday

~ D. Dreckman of Mission Viejo, CA

From Angela Garza, who asked for donations to Critter Crusaders for her birthday.

~Chuck Mincks

In honor of Gertie

~Justine Lieurance

In memory of Chris Haber

~Margo Haber

In honor of Itsy Bitsy

~Mike Motto

In memory of our 17 year old miniature schnauzer, Sadie, who passed away June 25, 2018. We miss her so much!

~Deb & Greg Guilford

In honor of Ruth McNitt-Karcher

In memory of Susan Willis Williams

~ Pegg Wardenburg

In memory of Brenda Pyrz
~ James S Pyrz

A heartfelt thank you to our anonymous donor from Wells Fargo Advisors.
Because you cared,
Because you extended your heart,
Because of your generosity,
Many homeless, sick and injured pets will be saved and returned to health.

You have our gratitude, our respect, our promise and our thanks.

– From the Board of Directors and Volunteers of Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids.

In memory of Joann Miller

~  Penny Novak

In memory of my parents, John & Mary Earsa.
~ Julie Earsa Klein

In memory of our beloved Bichon, Teddy Rose, who died just before Christmas
~ Janelle & Vincent Barnes, and our niece Kayli

 In honor of Amy Zmolek
~ David & Denise A Zmolek.

In Memory of our beautiful Peggy.

– From Dick & Bear

In Honor of Dawn Svenson Holland.

– A Work of Heart By Cari

In honor of Lisa Larkey and Randy Cole.

– Susan Blome

In memory of our precious little girl Mattie. She blessed our lives for over 18 years and just crossed the rainbow bridge Nov. 14, 2016. We miss her so! Please use our gift to help other animals in need. Best wishes & Happy Holidays! Deanne Jones-Popeck and Charles Popeck

In honor of Tuff beloved pet of Sandra Shover.

In memory of my husband, Gary Smith – from Joyce Smith

To the love shared by Julie Billett and her boy, Roscoe.
Pure, honest and eternal. ~ Jan Erceg

In Memory of Kim O’Connor of Temecula, CA

During her lifetime, Kim lived in Cedar Rapids, Chicago, New Jersey, Texas and California.  She was a great lover and friend of four legged animals – horses, dogs, cats.  No matter where she lived, they were an important part of her life. She will be greatly missed by all.

– Richard and Cynthia Andersen

In loving  memory of our cats Billy Joe,Cuddles, Snowball and Shadow.

– Sylvia and Daryl Copler,

In memory of Earl Hunter (1934-2014), former owner of Lucy.  Lucy and her sisters got my parents through a difficult time when Dad was ill and we have all loved her so much.There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of Lucy.

Earl’s Daughter – LeAnn Romine

Charles & Jill Cejka
in memory of Pepper Schaefer
beloved 12 year old Yorkie of
Beth & Eric Schaefer

University of Iowa Community Credit Union, in honor of Darci Dullea


Dick and Bear
In loving memory of our beautiful Peggy

Karen Bell
“In loving memory this Christmas to all my dogs that are waiting to see me again, Pixie, Buttons, Wally, Fluffy, Max, Chico, Toby and Lexi. I think of all of you and remember all the funny things each of you did, and all the love you gave me so freely. Each of you are so very special, I love and miss you and can’t wait to see you all again. Merry Christmas my babies. Love, Mom”

Happy Birthday to Shirley Heck
from Linda O’Donnell

Deb Pesek
in memory of Terry Pesek
“Great husband, person, and dog lover”

Charles & Jill Cejka
in memory of Pepper, beloved Yorkie of Beth & Eric Schaefer

Monty Bertelli in honor of his pet Milli

Judith Wilkin- “Please accept this donation for your wonderful organization!”

Merry Christmas to Sandra & Kerry Hayworth and Wayne & Bobbi Weber from Katie Hamre

Susan Bier-” Having had a Golden Retriever who died way too young, please accept this donation to help CC’s Golden Retriever Max with his knee surgeries.”

In Loving Memory of Susan Junge Irwin

Maria Murphy, Jan Erceg-Yurtie’s mom, Anette Hoeffer, Cheryl, Ed and Bella Miller.



In Memory of my mom, Gen Gatto. She loved all animals and created my passion that I live today. Generous and genuine, she left a footprint of kindness on this world. I love you mom. I will always be your Janny.  image5

Fleck Sales Company

Greg and Amy Bert

Kathy and Mike Couser

Crilley Law Offices

Barb and Don Crane

Dan and Beth Wignall

Glenda Fillenworth

Frank and Pauline MacDonald

Jeff, Sarah, Jordy and Ryan Brown

Gail and Kevin Kennedy

John and Beth Madland

Joni Musel

Dan, Lonnie! Macy and Jake Koch

Bill and Julie Fowler

Tom Erceg

John and Margaret Erceg

Linda Gaddie

Pat Bilsland

Dan and Sheran Gatto

Tom and Diane Gatto

Arnie and Mary Port

Ellen Tolliver

Sue and Mark Hartung

Pat Bilsland

Anita Crosby

Greg and Amy Stewart

River Front Estates Lot Owners

Jim and Kathy Nelson

Moira Petersen

Claudia Young

Mike Dillard

Kyleen Merritt

Roger and Karen Souter

Rachel Smith

Yvonne and Larry Hopp

Deanna Cole

Lori Ann Chad

Ginny Stout

Mike and Julie Kasper

Maria and Steve Ritchart

Dallas Ritchart

Steve, Joyce and Dave Vick

Donna Schorg

Jeanette Payton

Joyce Conle

Happy Birthday to Michelle Wood from Judy Stomp

In memory of Budgey, much adored pet hamster of Esme Marcus.
From Marcus.

Ruth Floyd in honor of Dan Clark

peg pb

In Memory of Peg Palma, CC Fundraising Chair in honor of her
birthday November 10th. We love you and miss you so
much, Peg.
Dick Palma (Peg’s husband) and her beloved Yorkie Bear
Jan Erceg-CC director at Large and dear friend.

Happy 25th Anniversary Connie Rosene & Ron Bergman

Happy Birthday to Cathy Boyes from Sue Hartung

Darnell Adam in memory of Martha Adam and Lexi Bell
Shirley Heck in loving memory of Chuck & Jill Cejka’s dog Lady Bug
Happy Birthday to Linda O’Donnell from Shirley Heck

Shirley Heck in honor of the Dave Duggan family dog Morgan

Happy Birthday to Shirley Heck from Linda O’Donnell

Ed and Cheryl Miller
Contributing in honor of their little Shih Tzu Ms. Bella. The Millers have their own ongoing CC fund we call Bella’s Fund!

Teri Thayer in memory of Shirley Stephen

Susan Blome in memory of her husband Dennis H Blome
“Dennis spent his life in service to his community and his country. His love and concern for people and animals was evident in all that he accomplished. “

Lynn & Troy Deal in honor of the union of Alissa King & Patrick McMannus

Karen Bell
In honor of some recent cases of a beagle and a kitten both needing critical care.

Coleen Kint in memory of Nick Kint

Shirley Heck in memory of her brother Red

Rita Pechota
In memory of sweet Zeeba

Sue Hartung
In memory of Bandi

JJ Johnson-Onesto
In honor of Roxie & Roscoe

Jamae Remington
In honor of Caroyn Lathrops Birthday! She has a huge animal loving heart.

Yvonne Martin
In memory of Casey

In memory of Martha Adam – Life time dog lover
– Deanne & Jason Froehlich
– Karen, Greg, Ryan, Toby, Meeko, Lexi Bell
– Laurie Plante
– Isla Kluge
– Mark & Sue Hartung
– Freida & Reinhold Kern
– Karen Bell
– Frieda & Reinhold Kern
– Ms Darnell Adam

8/12/1922 – 3/24/2014
Cedar Rapids
Martha Adam, 91, of Cedar Rapids, passed away Monday, March 24, 2014, at home surrounded by her loving family.
She was the daughter of Albert and Emilie Rehm, deceased. She was born in Kristburg, Germany.
She is the sister to 11 siblings, Bertha, Gustav, Albert, Ida, Ferdinand, Otto, Rudolf, Marie, (Martha), Erich, Oskar and Alfred; widow of Lawrence Adam.

The wonderful Mother to Darnell, Colorado, Karen, Iowa, Diane (deceased) Jeffrey, Wisconsin, Mitchell and Michael (deceased); grandmother to Ryan Bell, Iowa, and mother-in-law to Gregory Bell, Iowa.
She was more than this. She loved cooking and baking, all kinds of crafting and crocheting. She had a green thumb when it came to planting flowers and a garden and loved indoor plants. She loved to make people smile and laugh, loved getting dressed up for any occasion, and when she walked into a room, she put her right hand on her hip, gave a little pivot, left foot in front of her, her left hand in the air and said “Here I am!” Everyone just loved her. She was just so cute.

She always was willing to help others, she was the strongest woman we have ever known; no matter what tragedy in life she had to face, she pulled herself together and just did it. She was forgiving, spunky and stubborn too! She loved God and believed in prayer and Angels and we know she is with Him and her family and friends and all our little dogs she loved so much. She is happy and whole once again.
We miss you, but know you are watching and protecting us from above now. We all have so many happy memories, and that is the way it should be. A life well lived. All our love Mom.
In lieu of flowers, if you want to honor her, she requested gifts in her memory to Last Hope Animal Rescue and Critter Crusaders to help all the dogs that need help.

We have lost a good soul today. Peg Palma, Critter Crusaders Fund Raising Chair and devoted animal advocate, lost her battle with metastatic ocular melanoma at 11:22am. Thursday February 13th. Her husband Dick, step daughter Darla, brother Doug, Bear her beloved Yorkie and Jan Erceg were by her side as she took her last breath.
Thanks so much to those who came to see Peg this past weekend at the hospital. She had a good few days and enjoyed seeing her friends and family. Peg’s battle started last May with a diagnosis of metastisis to the liver. Ocular Melanoma is very rare and the only treatment options are drugs and procedures obtained through clinical trials. She was first diagnosed 8 years ago but without metastatic involvement. Her treatment started last Sept. at the Holden Cancer Center and until 3 weeks ago, Peg remained in good health and spirits.
peg2For those of you who did not know her well, Peg had a sarcastic, dry sense of humor, creativity beyond anyone I have ever known and a heart that was bigger than the Grand Canyon. There was room in there for those in need, both human and animal and her generosity was a part of who she was…low key, behind the scenes but always ready to make a difference in lives that were challenged. Peg loved Critter Crusaders immeasurably and she has left her mark on all that we have done, and all that we will do. She will always be with us.
Thanks so much to Doug Fuller and Sue Hartung for meeting Peg at the house yesterday when she returned home from the hospital for her final night and to Jana Crane and DeAnn Brannaman who had planned to see her today. Kandi Herb, Deb Bowers and Jennifer Heims came over last night to spend time with Peg. It was a very good night. She spoke on the phone with Michelle Woods who was in New Orleans on business and they expressed their love for each other. Wonderful memories that she could tuck in her heart for her journey home.
God be with you Peg. Until we meet again, dear friend.

Every night in my dream
I see you, I feel you
That is how I know you go on

Far across the distance
And spaces between us
You have come to show you go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime
And never let go till we’re gone

Love was when I loved you
One true time I hold to
In my life we’ll always go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

You’re here, there’s nothing I fear
And I know that my heart will go on
We’ll stay forever this way
You are safe in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

In memory of Peg

Cynthia Thompson-Adhikari
Lynn & Carl Hartman
Dorothy Topie
Kathy Couser
Chuck Mincks
Mark and Denise Mitchell
Jim & Liz Ferry
Laurie & Terry Lynch
Fred & Mary
Brian Swerson
Annie B.
Mark & Kelly Fischer
Mary Jane Willcez
Jim & Barb Steggall
David & Marie Brehr
Steve & Julie Hay
Larry & Dawn Milroy
Brian & Kim Barnes
Doug Navel & Anna Readnour
Roul and Madonna Kooistra
Keith & Debbie Goodsman
Steve & Carol Doser
David & Marianna Nichols
Coleen Kint
The Greens Homeowners Association
Kay Forest
Kathleen Donnelly
Kristen & Peter Larson
Deloris Nieman
Gretchen Chamberlain
Robert & Jeanne Schmidt
Mark & Nancy Owens
Bradley & Riley PC
Jerry K. Ask Investment Services
Judy Stomp
Joyce Warren
Denise Mineck
William Kuennen
Kandi Herb
Diane Webber and Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control
Karen & Wilmer Mickelson
Connie Collingwood
Suzan Stuchel
Sharon Petersen
Edward & Cheryl Miller, and Bella
Mark & Denise Mitchell

Annette Hoefer in honor of homeless animals
Edward & Cheryl Miller in honor of Ms. Bella

Denny & Jacque Holloway
In honor of Kathy Couser, a great animal lover

Courtney Henecke
In honor of Kelly Howard

Roberta Harris
In honor of her brother Bob Harris and his dog Missy Ann.

Robert & Tina Brooker
In honor of Jan Erceg for helping us find Caico “The best dog we ever had!”

Christine Geyer
In honor of father and stepmother Chuck & Sue Mincks.

Jim & Dixie Mincks (& Bruno)
In honor of Chuck & Sue Mincks

Carolyn & Melanie Davie
In honor of their grand nieces Carlyn & Laine Hill

Carrie Wells –
In memory of Jovi

Jan Erceg
In memory of Lilly

Jackie Puffer
In memory of Patricia Fox

In memory of Jeffrey W Whitney, Mr. Burton D. Robinson

Happy Birthday to Linda O’Donnell from Joyce Kohl

Happy Birthday to Joyce Kohl from Linda O’Donnell

In loving memory of Jeff Whitney
From Joyce Conley

Julie Giesseman
In memory of Maggie & Sandy

Sandra Shover
In memory of Tuff

Michelle Wood
In memory of Moose

In memory of my mother
from Kathy Couser

Jean Hoppenrath
In honor of our homeless feline friends

In memory of my parents whose love of
animals was passed on to me-
from Peg Palma

Michelle Wood
in memory of Santos

Mary Hindman
in memory of Dr. Walter Benson

in memory of Linda Junkins

Patricia Holden
in honor of Jan Erceg

Merry Christmas
to Rick and Michelle Wood from Judy Stomp

Michelle Wood
in memory of Diane Webber’s cat Rocky

Michelle Wood
in memory of Marianne Crock

Merry Christmas
to Joyce & Dick Kohl from Linda O’Donnell

Dennis & Sue Blome wish a Merry Christmas on behalf of
Lisa & Randy Cole and grandsons Austin and Tanner Larkey

Janet Harwick in honor of Jan Erceg

Jean Hoppenwrath
in honor of Audrey’s Rahn’s Birthday

Happy Thanksgiving from Edward & Cheryl Miller and Bella

Celeste Blake in loving memory of Kevin Dale McClain (3/17/54-5/20/11)

Eugene Dushek
in memory of his sister Irene Steffensmeier

Jan Erceg in memory of Janie Fairchild’s dog Triton

Joyce Kohl
birthday wishes to Linda O’Donnell

Linda O’Donnell
Birthday wishes to Joyce Kohl

Jean Hoppenrath, Carol Neel, Guyla Primmer
in honor of Maria Ritchart

Jean Hoppenrath
In memory of Millie, Beloved dog of Davin & Janic Kralik

Clients and Staff of Linn Haven

Jim & Nancy Green
In memory of Hannah, Beloved pet of Julie Rosenbohm

Happy 16th birthday Savannah Gefaller!
What a great present to the animals!

In memory of Todd Dorman’s dog Clover

Kathy Couser,
In memory of Penny

Family and friends of Dorothy C. McBride
In her memory

Heritage Property Management
In honor of Scott McLeod

Heritage Property Management
In honor of Stephanie Kemmerer

Eugene Dushek
In memory of my brother Ray and his love of dogs

Megan Heater
Happy Birthday to Carol Doser!

Mary Stachow
In memory of Rudy

Sue & Mark Hartung
In memory of Sophie Erceg

Julie Billett
In loving memory of my Mom

Patricia Holden
In honor of Jan Erceg and the work she does

Eugene Dushek
in memory of his loving wife for 51 years Bev

Judy Weber
in memory of our beautiful dog Max 2000-2011, You are missed!

Harry & Judy Stomp
Christmas present in honor of Rick & Michelle Wood and Adam & Leslie Stomp

Jean Hoppenrath
in memory of Sophie Erceg, in memory of Pat Hubbard, in honor of the veterinarians of Cedar Rapids Animal Hospital

Joyce M. Kohl
In Honor of Linda O’Donnell

Linda O’Donnel
In Honor of Joyce & Dick Kohl

Denise Mineck
In Honor of Diana R. Patten

Audrey Rahn
In Memory of Pat Hubbard

Paul & Jean Hoppenrath
In Honor of KMRY Radio, Cedar Rapids, IA

Robert Harris
In Honor of Missy Ann – rescue dog
turned 5 yrs old on 2/26/11

Bobbi McCoy
In Memory of Lisa M. Musel-McCoy
Dec. 2, 1966 – March 9, 2011

Kay & Mike Donohue
In Memory of Frankie Stone – cat
In Honor of Aubrey – dog, 15 yrs. old

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