What is Animal Rescue?

Rescue is the placement of animals into accredited organizations that “re-home” or in other words -adopt to families who have been screened in an application process.

Animals in need of “rescue” come from a variety of sources.  Shelters, owner surrenders (individuals who can no longer keep their pets), puppy mills, medically challenged, elderly or disabled animals, animals involved in court cases- just to name a few.

By far, the largest numbers of “rescue” animals come from shelters.  Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control has its own unique in-house rescue team -staffed by CCCR volunteer members.  We work in conjunction with the shelter manager to identify animals in need of rescue placement for a variety of reasons.  The shelter’s Rescue Team has been extremely successful in assisting shelter dogs and cats to foster-home based rescues with a winning combination of guarantees-
-All animals will be fully screened for temperament.
-All animals are completely vaccinated and spay/neutered at no cost to the receiving rescue.
-All animals are transported by CCCR team members to their out of state rescues.

Critter Crusaders has established rescue partnerships throughout the country. These relationships are based on trust and good animal assessment. We retain the right to assist our partner rescues with preexisting medical care that provides our animals medical continuity for the best outcomes possible.

Since the initial formation of CCCR in 2008, we have placed hundreds of dogs and cats in foster-based no kill rescues throughout the United States which include Colorado, Connecticut, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, New York, Illinois and Minnesota. We also have assisted and placed rabbits, rats, birds, reptiles, pot-bellied and farm pigs and most recently two flightless Canadian Geese with wing injuries.

We consider ourselves advocates for all animals who are in need of help.

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