Stories from Hurricane Harvey Rescue Effort

Earlier this month Critter Crusaders had a very successful trip to Texas, assisting with the disaster response for Hurricane Harvey. The trip was planned in three stages. The first stage was to collect and deliver medical and shelter supplies. We estimated that over $90,000 in supplies was donated for our trip!  The local veterinary community really stepped up providing veterinary medicines and supplies including Frontline, Heart Guard and microchip scanners,. The public’s response was phenomenal! Donating kennels, kitty litter, potty pads and a multitude of cleaning supplies. A large extended cargo van and box truck we’re completely filled. The desperately needed donations were first delivered to Pets Alive Shelter in San Antonio. The shelter’s staff was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love that Iowan’s in our area had shown to the animals of Texas. From there, the remainder of the supplies were distributed among smaller shelters.
The second stage of the trip involved stopping at shelters throughout the disaster area, offering assistance and transporting animals as needed. Our Critter Crusaders team was registered through Austin Pets Alive and the Houston SCPA as official participants in the disaster response. We saw firsthand the massive devastation throughout southern Houston and the Eastern Texas Gulf Coast. After being forced to maneuver around many flooded areas, we arrived at the House of Hope Animal Shelter in Rockport, TX as they worked to reopen their shelter. Although they were not flooded, they had experienced massive power outages. The animals were being well cared for by the volunteers as we delivered the much needed cat crates and supplies.

Next, we transported three dogs from a severely flooded area in Sweeny Texas, to Brazoria County SCPA in Lake Jackson. While there we transported 26 dogs to the Houston Executive Airport, where we were privileged to participate in one of the largest animal air lifts in US history, managed by the Humane Society of the United States. The Lucy Pet Foundation, that was staged at Brazoria County, had suddenly lost their transport to the Houston airport. As we rolled in with our large transport vehicles, they asked if we would transport 26 dogs to the Houston airport. With a resounding “Yes” we soon became involved in one of the most amazing experiences! Working alongside HSUS and multiple national organizations, 140 animals were air lifted to Rhode Island, New Jersey, and South Hampton, NY. As we arranged kennels on the tarmac, we looked into the faces of the dogs and kitties that were about to head to a brand new life. All animals were situated inside the plane and not into the cargo holds of one plane that had been commissioned just for this airlift. It was an overwhelming moment for the organizers and volunteers as the doors closed on the transport plane and it prepared for take off.
The final stage of this trip involved returning to Iowa with several dogs and cats on board. These were shelter animals that were being evacuated to make room for the multitude of strays found within the disaster areas. Making room at the shelters for the strays would give owners a chance to reclaim their pets. We returned with nineteen cats and ten dogs. Thirteen of the cats were transported to Clark County Humane Society in Osceola Iowa.  Two dogs and four cats went to Safehaven of Iowa County in South Amana. One dog went to Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids, and the remaining five dogs and two cats are under the medical care of Critter Crusaders through Fur Fun Rescue.

Many shelter and rescue organizations throughout the country have been taking in Texas animals, along with animals from Florida as a way to assist with these unprecedented disasters. While not forgetting our own local high-priority dogs and cats, Critter Crusaders will remain committed to assisting the animals who have fallen on such misfortune. We thank you so much for your donations and ask that you continue to support our cause of providing high-quality medical care for these vulnerable pets of Hurricane Harvey.

Together, we will bring them to health and give them the lives that all pets deserve. So that suffering gives way to health and hopelessness becomes happiness. This is our passion.

Critter Crusaders Goes to Texas to Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey

A heart felt thank you to everyone who donated and helped send our team to Texas! As the stories continue to unfold we’d like to send a special thank you to the following veterinary clinics for their amazing help and donations! For more stories and pictures Click Here

Frey Pet Hospital
Linn and Parktowne Animal Hospitals
Coralville Animal Hospital
Iowa Humane Alliance
Marion Animal Hospital
Edgewood Animal Hospital
Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center
Cedar Rapids Animal Hospital
Animal Welfare Friends of Monticello

It’s Not Too Late to Donate

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Critter Crusaders, along with Fur Fun Rescue and Canine Corner & Cats Too, is in the process of organizing a three-stage transport to the affected disaster areas in Texas. First, we will be delivering donated medical supplies to a staging area in San Antonio, coordinated by Pets Alive. Second, we will travel to affected areas around Seadrift and San Antonio Bay for animal evacuations.  The final portion of the effort will be to bring shelter pets back with us under Fur Fun Rescue for boarding at Canine Corner. We need funds and medical supplies to support us in this effort.

We will leave this Sunday and hope to be back next Saturday or Sunday.  We will need help loading for the trip and off-loading animals at

Canine Corner and Cats Too upon our return. We will try to time departure and return to make it easy with volunteer assistance.

Click Here  to make a donation or mail to
Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids, PO Box 10111 Cedar Rapids, IA 52410

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