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Help Make A New Life For Hope


Critter Crusaders has a new mission. To give Hope her life back. Hope is a four month old pit bull puppy who came to us through Cedar Valley Pit Bull Rescue as an emergency admission. She was suffering from significant injuries including a fractured femoral head and a fracture close to the knee, along with damage to an eye that should heal in time.

Surgery was performed by Dr. Brent Reimer from Des Moines Iowa Veterinary Referral Center, who happened to be at Frey Pet Hospital in Cedar Rapids that day. Hope will continue to be hospitalized  until her pain is controlled and she can be released. We will continue to monitor her medical care and provide updates on her struggle.

No one knows what caused her injuries. Only an enormous force could have done this kind of damage. Try as we might, we may never know what happened. Our goal now is to help guide her to a bright, healthy future, which begins with a name that says it all: 


Please join Team Hope.

Together we can get this sweet puppy on the road to recovery and ensure her the future she so deserves!

Donate to her cause today and help to spread her story.


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