Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids

Months ago Finnegan, a gorgeous kitty who came to us though our great friends at SAINTS Cat Rescue, had been found with a very unique, and grotesque problem. His rear feet were falling off! No one knows why this happened. Did he suffer from frostbite? Or was it the rubber bands that had been placed around them as a sick joke? 

Dr. Jenni Doll from IHA took a look at Finn and said the feet were dead and in time, would just fall off! Which they did. The amazing part is that his body repaired itself! Even though he is healed and getting around on stumps, this could cause him problems in the long run. SAINTS has asked Critter Crusaders to help provide Finn with artificial feet. We will begin the process of mapping his limbs for Orthopets, the leaders in orthotics for animals. It will be a fascinating and exciting journey for Finnegan! More to come on this very special kitty!

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