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Critter Crusaders exists to provide homeless animals a second chance to live a happy and healthy life. These are the pictures and stories of some dramatic transformations we have been privileged to witness. With the generous support of our patrons, we were able to provide these animals the advanced medical services they so desperately needed.


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BABS The Kitten

As a tiny kitten, Babs was struck by a car.  She suffered a head injury that caused a head tilt, deafness, and was unable to blink her left eye.  While recovering from her injury, the head tilt resolved, she regained some hearing and has learned to use her third eyelid to keep her non blinking eye from drying out. She has now been adopted by her foster mom, Katie at Edgewood Animal Hospital! They look beautiful together! Congratulations!


Murray the Kitten
Murray had been hit by a car. He suffered a severely broken jaw, a large gaping laceration in the roof of his mouth, a contused lung, and an eye injury. After surgeries and a long recovery, he was adopted by Heidi Murtha, the woman who rescued him! A perrrrfect ending to a near tragic story.

Homeless Animal Rescue

Benjamin’s Brand New Life!
Benjamin was found running on Highway 30. He had Lyme disease, heartworms, intestinal parasites and flea dermatitis. He was in extremely poor body condition and had a very painful interdigital cyst on his front paw that had to be surgically removed.  Ben had all of his medical treatments through CC and now he’s been adopted!



Murphy a German Shepherd pup with severe fracture around the elbow. Surgical intervention saved Murphy’s ability to walk.  Pictured with his surgeon Brent Reimer.  Murphy was later adopted.

Medical help for homeless pets in Cedar Rapids, IA

This is Brian
Hit by a car on a local highway, Brian suffered a femur fracture and contused lung. Emergency treatment and 3months of recovery gave Brian his life back through CC. He is healthy and adopted!

Helping Homeless Pets in Cedar Rapids, IA

Tied to a tree, Chief’s abusive owner threatened to shoot him.  After he was rescued and placed into treatment through CC, Chief was found to have been shot with pellets, suffered from Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, and a severe hip dislocation.  After a total hip replacement and intensive treatment he has been adopted!


Mack the Kitten
At 5 weeks of age, Mack almost lost his life to a maggot infestation. After treatment, he is healthy and ready for adoption!

Helping Homeless Pets in Cedar Rapids, IA

Meet Sonny
Critically injured in a dog attack that almost ended her life, CC provided 8 month old Sonny a second chance with emergency surgery in Des Moines!  Sonny continues to heal and will be adopted as a healthy, happy girl!

Helping Homeless Pets in Cedar Rapids, IA

Meet Tequila
Tequila’s pelvis was destroyed after being struck by a vehicle.  CC would not give up.  After a massive surgery to repair the damage, Tequila now soars through life, adopted and surpassing all expectations!


Our Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea’s horrific skin condition is too graphic to show.  She came to CC as a stray and our goal was to make her whole again.  After seven months of treatment her health returned and she was adopted! Sweet Pea is a local celebrity in Omaha!


Susie was a stray running on a highway.  Rescued by a good Samaritan, she was found to be Lyme and heart worm positive.  After 7 months of treatment by CC, Susie was returned to health and recently adopted!

Medical help for homeless pets

Finnegan aka Finn
This is what a bait dog looks like. Emaciated, riddled with dog bites and badly scarred. Finn also had a bad elbow and stifle (knee) injury. Surgery was performed on the knee, the weight is back on and the bite wounds have scarred over. And as you can see, Finn holds no grudges! Good boy Finny!


Little Marshmallow was a very sick little kitty. She was brought back to health and adopted.


Pear almost died and was hospitalized at EIVSC for over two weeks.  She was returned to health and adopted

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