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Abe’s Story Continues

Abe came to us through the Cedar Rapids Shelter. At that time he could only walk a matter of 20 seconds before lying down. He was examined at ISU in Ames, by the Dept. of Orthopedics. They diagnosed him with a genetic disorder that disrupts the ligaments, tendons and collagen production, causing all of his joints to dislocate at random. This condition had a serious impact on Abe’s mobility and comfort.

We set out to give Abe his life back. In April he had surgery on his right rear hip and knee joint to stabilize the limb. He was then admitted to ISU’s Rehabilitation Service for intensive therapy. His mobility improved and we have been monitoring his condition over the past few months. Even with the improved mobility, he may still need to be fitted with braces and orthotics to provide him with more stability and comfort. A second opinion is being considered.

As we continue this journey with Abe, we ask that you please make a donation in his name so that we may provide him with a life that is happy and pain free.

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